packing for rhinebeck

October 17, 2012

as i’m sure you all know,
going to rhinebeck is important to me.
there are other sacred knitter destinations
such as webs, soar, maryland, sock summit, madrona, etc.
being in the blue moon barn is an especially religious experience,
but maybe that’s just me?

as we know,
is the holiest of holies.

for me, it is a true pilgrimage.
you may notice it’s wednesday night
and i’m already getting ready to go.
for i leave on the morrow for pittsburgh
dropping off mr. mo at the old homestead on the way.
i will be picked up by andrea
(a.k.a. the best yarn rep/fiber festival buddy ever)
early friday morning and we’ll head for new york.
there, we will meet up our 10 other housemates.

did i not mention i’m not staying at a motel this year?
well i’m not.
twelve of us have rented an big old victorian house for the weekend.
i’m finally one of the cool kids.
the best part?
i get my own room
because, as yarny old kim says,
i’m “the lone swingin’ dick” in the group.

yay penis!

then, it’s rhinebeck proper,
which i defy you to put into words.

but i’m getting ahead of myself.

first i must:

1 – wash every piece of clothing i own so i can pack anything i could possibly ever wear because who knows what may happen at rhinebeck.

2 – pack everything even though i suck at packing and all my clothes end up smushed and wrinkly even though i packed them nicely and used those strap things to hold them down.

3 – put aerobed by the door since my getting the bedroom to myself is contingent on my bringing an aerobed for someone else and i will forget it unless i block my exit with it.

4 – find and fill my knitting bag. i haven’t knit in 8 weeks. i don’t even know if i remember how. i hope i can fake it in a pinch.
(it’s the one with the hook, right?)

5 – dust of the old spinning wheel because you simply cannot go to an old victorian house with the cool kids for rhinebeck and show up without your spinning wheel unless you want to be mocked to the point of tears. i hope to spin until i do myself a mischief!

6 – catalogue all of my work that i need to bring with me because i am not delusional enough to think that just because it’s rhinebeck i don’t have a million things due as soon as i come back.

7 – gather all of mo’s things he will need to survive at the home of my youth. he now has another dog to compete for the attention of his grandparents. he isn’t pleased.

8 – make certain i have every possible electronic device and charger i own with me so i can document and blog every single possible thing ever since this may be the only real content i have until christmas time. this includes my vintage european mobile. you never know. i could go to rhinebeck and realize i need to be in france. or denmark.

9 – unearth a fucking tiny darning needle because i have to give misa her bohus hat and i never wove in its bajillion laceweight ends.

10 – locate the bohus hat.

11 – rewash this load of laundry as i realize i never put detergent in and refuse to be that skanky even if i do have a y chromosome and it’s probably fine and no one would notice.

i think that’s everything.


p.s. i’ll be doing two photo projects while i’m there, including ‘nips with steven’. if you’re going and you’d like to be a part of either of them, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.

p.p.s. here’s an old video to make those of you not going jealous.

2:04. i’m laughing at you, bitches!

21 Responses to “packing for rhinebeck”

  1. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Yup, I’m one jealous bitch over here. Hoping you’ll rub it in a little more with lots of photos. I apparently have a masochistic streak I wasn’t aware of.

    On the other hand, weather permitting, I’ll be playing in the dye kitchen this weekend with the first batch of our homegrown yarn I picked up at the mill. It’s definitely not Tina’s kitchen, but it’s dyeing nonetheless, so take that.

    Love ya, mean it.

  2. “Yay penis” and “I hope to spin until I do myself a mischief” might be my favourite lines ever in a blog post. Have fun!

  3. Cinnamon Says:

    Yep, I’m totally jealous that you’re going, but ‘nips with Steven’ is totally an acceptable substitute. And whatever made you think you were not one of the “cool kids”?

  4. sarahvv Says:

    I don’t even want to watch your video because I am SO jealous already and I’m afraid that living on the west coast means I will not get to go to Rhinebeck ever, or for a very long time JEALOUSSSS!

  5. sarahvv Says:

    I WATCHED THE VIDEO OKAY! Fricking, Rhinebeck looks so perfect and joy-making that it makes my heart hurt.

  6. Done; another jealous bitch… But hey, a girl’s gotta have het dreams, right.. ?
    Wishing you a fantastic Rhinebeck ! ( and I agree with Sally on the ‘rub it in’ part… so do make sure you bring your camera’s and stuff indeed… 😉 )

  7. Knitterella Says:

    So jealous! Many one year I can be a “cool kid” and go. One can dream!

    Have a fab time! Glad you’ll be back with your needles.

  8. barb Says:

    oh my this was really funny. I pack like this too.

  9. misa Says:

    I’m laughing along with you, bitch. I checked everything on your checklist almost identically, except the spinning wheel. Our house will be infinitely cooler because you are there. xo

  10. Yarnyoldkim Says:

    heh heh! Rhinebeck is the holiest of holies. Wah I can’t bring my wheel because there is no room in my car! This will be the BEST RHINEBECK EVER!

  11. Melanie Says:

    Soooo jealous, such fibery goodness, someday I must go. Have fun and do rub it in, I want to see it all.

  12. Michelle Says:

    I’m incredibly jealous. Have a phenomenal weekend!!!! I wish you were coming to Chicago next weekend for Vogue Knitting Live, so we could reunite…Someday I will share a nip with you at Rhinebeck.

  13. Susie Says:

    I’m so happy to hear you’re going! Hope you don’t mind if I say hi if I see you!

  14. Hope Says:

    Have a great time! I’m looking forward to the blog posts and picture projects.

  15. freshy Says:

    I’m not jealous, because I’m going bitches!! Hope to see you there Steven 🙂 Btw, I’m imagining some strange things when you say nips with Steven. But I’m willing to give it a whirl…

  16. nook. Says:

    i’m with knitterella, and am stupid jealous.i dream of becoming one of the cool kids and can join you all. 😉 i promise to bring jane richmond. 😉 xo

  17. Linda Cannon Says:

    So excited that you are going to Rhinebeck and staying with obviously a great group of people. And Mo gets to have a playmate and Grandma and Grandpa, what a weekend. Looking forward to “nips with Steve” XOXOXO

  18. YarnSuperhero Says:

    Ah, “Nips with Steven.” One of my favorite holiday traditions!

  19. diane Says:

    I will be there on Sunday, I hope I run in to you ( I’m a fan girl)


  20. Anonymous, too Says:

    I’m as jealous as a herd of cats!

    Glad to hear the parental units have adopted a furry one; hope Mo and the new family member reach a working truce or better while you’re away. (Need pics of your foster sibling!)

    And, yes, “yay penis”! Try to track down a recording of a song entitled “Penis Envy” by a folk group known as Uncle Bonsai. This is the funniest ode to penises you’ll ever hear!

  21. Tam Says:

    Thankyou for the tour! I’ve long been jealous of Rhinebeckers, since I can’t quite afford the trip over from Australia; it’s so fun to run around with you for a few minutes 😀

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