putting twist into the wool

April 22, 2012

it’s coming up on finals time here.
i am more in danger of losing my mind now
than at any other time in the year.

and it makes me miss my knitting.

mindless knitting has become essential
if i want to get any knitting done at all.
and as of yet,
i haven’t found the right project.
(suggestions for about 500 yards of aran weight yarn?)

i’m not the type of dude to get defeated.
the only child in me requires that i always get my way.
and so while my needles rest,
the wheel turns!

i picked up this fiber at rhinebeck.
it’s been mocking me for far too long.
am i the only who thinks fiber mocks him?
corriedale top by into the whirled in the ‘rendition’ color way


as it turns out,
i don’t have to do much thinking to spin.
sure if i planned it out, i could get the colors to blend like i wanted.
i could reduce the handspun trademark barber poll effect some.
but i kinda like that fate decides.
i just try to keep it around sport/dk.
for the most part,i succeed.

i have about five more ounces of this stuff.
if i can get about 500 yards,
that’d make a mighty fine boneyard
wouldn’t you say?

i’ve had this song in my head for days!worry.

8 Responses to “putting twist into the wool”

  1. Audry Says:

    I’ve got a stack of fiber that has been mocking me for some time. My strategy is to avert my eyes, place my hands firmly over my ears, and say in a loud, clear voice, “LALALALALA”

    I like the barber pole effect in hand spun. I think that yours in particular will pair well with a Boneyard.

  2. cauchy09 Says:

    part of me wants to just spin spin spin down my stash and give away my wheel. but i have no energy for spinning lately. your yarn is lovely, though.

    best of luck on finals!!

  3. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Yarn can definitely mock, but right now it’s my wheel that’s mocking me. I’ve been on a righteous ADHD-worthy knitting phase of “how many projects can you cast on without finishing a single one?” It’s only a matter of time before the WIPs start a mockfest as well.

    Love the handspun and yes, agree it would be perfect as a Boneyard.

  4. Natalie Says:

    I understand the need for mindless projects & have just about given up searching for a project to bring on a trip this weekend. I think I’ll bring a spindle & fiber instead. I can stop any time & still know where I am.

  5. Anonymous, too Says:

    Here, I was about to try e-mailing your roomie or Dr. Mom to see if you were OK!

    Like countless students/teaching assistants before you, you will survive finals. Just keep repeating “I think I can, I think I can, ” umpteen bazillion times. When finished, administer some really good pizza and imported beer, then allow for 36 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

    The handspun looks great and should produce a handsome tweedy effect when knitted up. I’m not sure about Boneyard, but I think it definitely would look great in something using moss stitch or a similar kind of pattern stitch.

  6. Marie Says:

    Fiber mocks me, too. And the wheel. Mine sat empty for a while up until this past weekend and it took me 2 weeks of ‘mocking’ for me to dig out some fiber and get spinning.

  7. Hmm … 500 y of aran yarn? Maybe one of those cowl-scarves that are so popular right now?

  8. […] had one simple goal: finish spinning my rhinebeck fiber. i started it back in april and made a lovely skein. during my tdf, i made two more. (that is a supermodel face if i’ve ever seen one! mo is […]

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