i’d like to say that,
while i had a rough day wednesday,
a haircut
new outfit
and a dinner party
are all it takes to cure my blues.
(the photo doesn’t show it but my mohawk has returned)

i really love my dog.
i hate people who constantly go on and on about their kids, pets, spouses, etc. so i do try to limit that kind of talk.
but i love my mo mo.
(even though he never leaves me alone!)

recently, he’s taken to sniffing every flower on our walking route.
it’s kinda too cute for words.

i just felt like saying for the record
it’s not all rough times and stress bombs here at b.g.s.
i’m doing really well in school (so far, anyway).
my cohort is awesome and supportive;
we’ve all become pretty close friends.
(a very rare thing in academia, believe me)
i’ve got a pretty thing going right now.
it’s good for me to remember that.