December 30, 2011

why write a coherent post, i ask you,
when life is anything but?

so here’s some shit that’s happening in my household.
apartmenthold? is that even a thing?


randomness 1 – i love getting thank you notes
or really any kind of card or paper mail.
when it’s from a cute dude, even better.
put a sheep on it? well that just does me in.

randomness 2 – winter fruit
to say that i love pomegranates would be a ridiculous understatement.
i luuuurrrve them. i luuuurrrve them them soo much.
have you ever cleaned one before? it takes forevs!
but that’s the best part! it takes like an hour to pick one apart,
to be put into some kind of receptacle,
to then be devoured immediately
by me.

clememtines also rule,
what with that weird crate they come in.
i will not eat oranges or grapefruits, (though i do love their juice)
but i’ll eat the shit out of a clementine.
mo likes them too.

randomness 3 – i got a plate
it’s a thank you plate from the pittsburgh aids task force.
it came with a thank you note, which you know i love,
explaining that this is a ‘plate with purpose‘.
there’s a quote on it from kerry stoner,
one of the founders of the pittsburgh aids task force.

i’m not sure what to do with this plate, other than treasure it.
do i hang it on the wall? is that gauche?
or do i use it?

who knows.

my goal for next year is to raise $10,000.
it’s insane i know, but i figure
if i can get nearly $5000
with only two weeks of planning,
what could i get with a few months?

random 4 – amazon.com is the enemy
at least the enemy of my bank account.
there are too many things that i want and need
that are only one click away.
like this über gay phone cover.
it was so miami (mee-yAH-mee) that i had to own it.
it kinda sucks as phone covers go, at least in terms of protection.
it only protects the back, so i can’t put it face down.
it’s also pretty slick, which means
if i put it on a surface with an incline,
it slides off.

useful, right?

but it does kinda match the plate, so i guess it stays.

6 Responses to “random”

  1. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    I’ve never received a sheep note from a cute guy, but I would treasure it. Now I’ve got a craving for clementines, too.

    Happy, Happy New Year to you!!

  2. V. Says:

    My Miami shoes want to meet your iPhone cover. Miss you always.

  3. Jenica Says:

    Did you know that if you submerge a pom underwater that the seeds will sink and all the unwanted white stuff floats away from the goodness? That is my trick to unfruiting them and it works great!!! Should go faster than forevs anyhow!
    Luv yer stuff.

  4. Sarah Says:

    I once saw a trick to removing pomegranate seeds on Iron Chef, but I’ll be damned if I could remember exactly what it was. I seem to remember someone banging on the outside of the pom and all the seeds falling out.

    As to the plate, you need to get a holder and display it!

  5. Astrid Bear Says:

    The underwater thing totally works for pomegranates. As for the plate,a) how nice that gave you some extra recognition, very deserved, and b) it’s a plate witha purpose! Put clementines or fancy chocolates on it. Happy New Year!

  6. jen Says:

    warning…. warning….. the link below will increase your eating but will change your life….and leave you with more time to knit….enjoy…


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