aging gracelessly

December 5, 2011

finals time = maximizing procrastination.
which means it’s time to write a blog post, right?

in less that two weeks,
i will be twenty seven years old
(twenty seven? fuck i’m old).

this is the age my mom was when she had me.
i’ve always thought it’s cool that, on dec 18, 2011
i’ll have been in my mom’s life for as long as i haven’t.
(does that sentence make sense?)

kinda weird, right?

it also makes me think of those big life goals we’re supposed to reach:

i’ve gone on about it before, so i won’t again.
it’s just one of those times where still being in school
and watching your bank account dip under $100 every week
makes one question if they’ve taken the right path.

in moments like this,
i turn to my alpaca namesake
who is a constant source of smiles here at bgs central.

he’s an unusual alpaca, so i’m told,
(though what constitutes a “usual” alpaca, i’m not sure)
and apparently very friendlythere is no joy in the world like knowing
that, in less than a year on this earth,
the alpaca that shares my name,
is already having three-ways.

my work here is done.