i have to give it to you people;
that 24 hours was fraking exhausting.
there were 94 entrants in the giveaway,
and the winners have been notified.

if i had tried to do this on my own, there’s no way i would have raised nearly the amount of money that we did. i’m not deluded; this was a total communal effort. without the sponsors and promotion by folks with two twitter followers to some of the knitterati who have thousands, none of this would have been possible without the help of all the people who worked to create a mini internet media blitz.

and this is really your doing,
you folks who donated the $10 you could spare
and some very generous folks who dropped some benjamins.
you all made it rain, and, according to my calculations,
we raised $4570.00 for the pittsburgh aids task force.

edit: according jennifer at the pittsburgh aids task, there were 99 donations and we actually raised a grand total of $4,765!

that’s equivalent to approximately 114 119 rapid hiv tests.
there were lots of sneaky folks who donated but didn’t tell me.

not bad for a day’s fundraising.

now i’m off for some finals reclusion,
but i’ll try to pop my head up occasionally.

later, bitches.