hey you! with the spinning wheel!

December 11, 2011

i have a couple prizes
left over from the fundraiser
a couple winners weren’t spinners
so i sent yarn from my stash, instead.

it wouldn’t be ethical of me to just keep this fiber
no matter how much i might not-so-secretly want it.
so for any of you spinners out there, if you’d like to get your hands on it,
all you have to do is convince me to send it to you.
comments, tweets, blog posts, emails;
all formats will be considered.

fortune favors the bold!

edit: the fluff has been sent.

26 Responses to “hey you! with the spinning wheel!”

  1. purlverde Says:

    How to convince? Hmmm… Well, if you sent that fiber to me it would be a double duty gift: I would have hours of pleasure spinning it (both are terribly beautiful), which is gift enough. And then instead of tossing it in the ol’ stash basket, I’d wrap it beautifully and send it to my best friend in the world as a holiday gift since I’ve got no money to spend this season. She’s a fantastic lady who deserves a little piece of something nice and thoughtful at the end of this year. Ta-da! Thanks for offering these up! I’m PurlVerde on Ravelry, see you around!

  2. WANT WANT WANT!!! I’ll spend my last $25 bucks on my paypal card and make another donation for it!!!

  3. sarahvv Says:

    Oh me, send it to me! I am a super new spinniner (spindle spinner!), and I’ve only gotten to spin with some plain brown corriedale from my LYS! I would LOOOVE to get to try some really gorgeous dyed fiber! And I’m finally comfortable enough with my spindle that I could control the way the yarn came out! And spinning is still SUPER magical to me and I’ve been thinking about how much MORE magical it would be to spin fiber that changed colour as you went! AND I’m a fellow grad student so that counts for something right? AND I’M using a lot of capitals! PLEASE CHOOSE MEEEEEE! OH I also have a very cute cat I could send you a photo of, if that would help. πŸ™‚

  4. Erin Clark Says:

    WOW. I’m not a spinner, but I think the purple-blue-green braid and I need to get married.

  5. njstacie Says:

    I will spin it into sexy sexy yarn and knit you a thong.

  6. Brooke Says:

    OK, not really sure I can top nkstacie’s comment.. except, I’ve already knit a thong…. with silk.. made one as a prototype and then knit one for my daughter’s engagement party gift.. OK, now to convince you to send me some fiber.. well, 2011 was a total suck year for me.. It began as 2009 ended… a little “off” – when on Feb 1, my darling husband of 28 years decided he no longer wished to be married to me…. I spent the next 6 days packing up my 28 years of accumulated separate property and moving out of “his” house…. then on March 6th, when I discovered that he was dating someone, I quit my job as his office manager…..so, within one stickin’ month, the marriage was over and I was unemployed.. Go me… to be honest, in 2011 I’ve probably spent all of 30 minutes at my spinning wheel. I ‘ve got full bobbins that are slowly making their way to the niddy noddy and the wheels are calling me to come and play… the good news is, i’ve landed on my feet, feel pretty good about myself again and am ready to dive head first into my yarn stash and start to knit with my usual spunk and vigor once again…PS: if it helps, you can have the thong.. i don’t think it will fit you, it’s lavendar and rather small, but you can hang it from the rear view mirror of your car…..

  7. Debbie in Pittsburgh Says:

    OH please oh please?!? Oh please pick me! It would be a gift for a wonderful woman who just got herself a new spinning wheel. Thanks for the consideration. πŸ™‚

  8. convince you? Well, Lets see. I purchased for you the pattern that you wanted most for your December birthday last year, and in return I got a very sweet Christmas card. I have a wheel that is “dyeing” to have some of that fibery goodness on it.

    So maybe we could switch places and this year you send me some fiber that I really want for my December birthday and I send you a Christmas card in return πŸ™‚

    I really hope that doesn’t sound totally retarded…:/

  9. Jan at Cat Crap Hill Says:

    Although I’m a beginning spinner and these are definitely my colors (learning to spin on white wool makes me narcoleptic), I think that this roving should go to Sally of Rivendale Farms, who lived through the Summer of Suck. First, she lost her dad, Ron, then her livestock guardian, Otis, and then, her ancient alpaca, Kato.

    Besides, she’s the grandma to Steven Ambrose, Jr. and such a good friend that she’ll spin me some of that yarn.

  10. Melynda Says:

    Wow, I’m not a spinner. I don’t really have a huge desire to spin (you know, weaving’s the new thing for me right now). Well, at least not until I saw this post. That big ball (chunk, braid?!) of fiber is so dang appealing. It kinda, for the first time in my life, makes me think I should be spinning. Beautiful.

    ps… this is not an entry, I’m not trying to win it… just sayin’

  11. Nicole Says:

    I don’t spin, but I would *love* to have you spin it for me!!! That way we could both enjoy it! πŸ˜‰

  12. Debbie in Pittsburgh Says:

    I still contend that the blue/green loveliness needs to be re-homed to Pittsburgh. I PROMISE it will be spun on a beautiful wheel by a woman for whom we both hold high adoration and regard. Do I get extra points for a second try and good grammar?

    Again, Please please please, pick me! *grin*

  13. Shari Says:

    I don’t have any eloquent words with which to convince you… I’m too occupied with drooling over Teh Pretteh. The blue/purple one is gorgeous, but so is the pink and blue. My spinning wheel would be eternally grateful to have such fiber to work with.

  14. Oh. My. God! Instant lust and I don’t spin… Sadly for me, since it would save some money on yarn!

  15. Yarnyoldkim Says:

    I’d love to have one of those braids. Gah! so purty!

  16. Austin Val Says:

    Surely some of this is a fair trade for that martini I bought you at the Silk Summit.

  17. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    I was going to say I’m the mother of your child, but Jan at Cat Crap Hill already said I’m the grandmother. Grandma doesn’t sound nearly as sexy, but I’ll go with it. I’ll also continue to send you naughty pictures of Steven Ambrose Jr. And, when the day comes that we get to meet in person, I will totally ply you with liquor.

  18. Anita Says:

    I don’t know how to spin, but if you send it to me I will learn how.
    Spinning, spinning, round and round
    Wheel and fiber go to town
    Needle and yarn knit together
    Always makes something special.

  19. kate Says:

    Give. Me. That. Now. Bitch! (That’s not too bold is it? πŸ™‚ )

  20. misa Says:

    Not a spinner so I’ll pass on the lovely fiber. One of these days I may travel to the dark side and gently paddle along in hand knit socks. Curious as to who got the mittens and if they like em.

  21. I recently learned to use a drop spindle, and I only have one roving to work with.
    Isn’t having a good sized fibre stash a mark of a good spinner? I need to bulk up my stash!

  22. theJilly Says:

    I just wanna straighten that bad boy out…then feel it slip right between my…

    SO slippery and soft…

    We’d be so good together, you know?

    …What?!?! I AM talking about the roving! Sheesh–get your mind out of the gutter!

  23. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Since I’m voting one for me (the copper verdegris, please, as long as we’re being bold), I definitely vote for the other to Kate, mainly because I wish I’d thought to say that. That’s one bold bitch.

  24. DorothyD Says:

    I want it and that is why you should give it to me. I know that’s not very bold, but I can’t offer you my firstborn. He likes Justin Bieber and I’m just not sure you could handle that.

  25. Kathy Says:

    if you are still giving away the fiber. If you are in need of a home for the first one, I’ll give it to my friend who has become an amazing spinner and loves bright colors, but especially purple. she’ll turn it into something beautiful. and it would be cool to give it to her because she gave me two spindles and about 8 oz of roving to learn to drop spindle.
    If you are looking for a home for the second one, I want it. I don’t promise it will look beautiful, because I hardly ever spin so it may look very hand spun. but I love the colors and want it. after all, we shared a table together at a bar while writing separate blog posts at sock summit. We hardly spoke. Time to make up for that. email me and I’ll send you my mailing address.

  26. Faye Noelle Says:

    Give it to me. My birthday is right after Christmas, so nobody ever gives me anything good on it. You can change the trend. You can fix everything, and make a gal so happy. Plus, it’s still a week off–plenty of time for shipping!

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