mircoblog giveaway

September 16, 2011

i don’t have much time,
but since so many people so belligerently kindly told me
that my thendara was worth it, i’ll give it away.

the bitches get stitches thendara giveaway

the rules: the only thing you need to do to enter this giveaway is share this blog post in some fashion. you can tweet it, blog it, google+ it, post on ravelry, whatever. there should even be some convenient buttons at the bottom of the post to make sharing easier.

then, just leave a comment letting me know that you did it.
we’re on the honor system here.

the prize(s):
my thendara (minus the mo, obviously), knit in sanguine gryphon bugga!.

there will also be a secret prize given to the person who(m?) i deem reposts this in the most interesting way.

good luck bitches!

edit: a winner has been chosen. thanks for playing!

p.s. you can currently pre-order westknits book three and knit one for yourself as well! go on. buy it. now!

62 Responses to “mircoblog giveaway”

  1. This is SO BEAUTIFUL and holy shit, Mo!!! His FACE! I want to kiss it.

    Thanks for a gorgeous giveaway. I’d say good luck to everyone who enters, but eff that… it’s beautiful and I want it ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m looking forward to seeing you around Rhinebeck! I booked a room (way too late, I’m an idiot) and the closest that I could get was Poughkeepsie (which I guess is only 20 minutes away).

  2. Trisha R Says:

    Posted on my Facebook. And totally pimpin’ your knitterly teaching abilities at Woven Art. Hey, it’s what I do.

  3. Nicole Says:

    Tweeted! And hopefully blogged tomorrow… :o)

  4. Meg Says:

    I emailed a link to this post to all my fabulous fiberific pals that traveled with me to MDSW this past year.

    I would certainly be most honored to don this one of a kind knitted beauty. After all, if one was to wear an ‘ISO Hotpants’ T-shirt, one would pee their pants to wear something actually knitted by you!!!!!

    Your dog is freakin’ adorable.

    ~Meg (daughter of ISO Hotpants T shirt wearer)

  5. Haley Nagy Says:

    In all seriousness, I FaceBooked you as essential reading for my MFA thesis project. It is a knitted/wearable artist book/sound installation and I’m sure you will be cited in the research bibliography. Damn it, that has to count for something.

    Also, you moved from Pittsburgh the same day I moved to Pittsburgh – it is like the Universe needed to keep a certain level of awesome in the city limits.

    But now I’m back in Chicago, all by myself, to finish the final year of grad school… without my own little Mo to keep me warm.


    If only I had a sanguine thendara to snuggle with….

  6. Hope Says:

    Shared on facebook. Not terribly creative, I know.

    I want Mo. He’s too f’ing cute! I can see why there were tears during his little adventure. I am so glad he’s home so he can pose with your beautiful knits!

    Did I miss the name you bestowed on your gorgeous spinning wheel?

  7. I am drooling over this shawl that Mr Hot Pants has knitted and is now giving away on his blog. We have never met in person. I kineared pictures of him at MDSW. If Mr Hot Pants chooses my post and is kind enough to send me this shawl I will have to wear it at next years MDSW. Maybe he will see it and kinear a picture of me. Like hot pants and shawls passing in the night…

  8. Yvonne Says:

    Zizmo tweeted it.

    I would have the announcement tattooed on my arse, but nobody would see it but Bill. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Kimberly Says:

    I shared it on my blog so you can have a look for yourself ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mo has that forlorn look…he’s begging you to just say to hell with it and give it to him, even though i KNOW it’s coming to me….right Steven…???? xx

  10. Audry Says:

    You have been tweeted. I think it’s pretty neat that you are giving Thendara away.

  11. Anonymous, too Says:

    Ain’t got no Facebook, Twitter, or blog. Call me Paranoid — or call me Ishmael — just be sure to call me to dinner. (It’s those damn pesty TV relatives. After 30 years, people still ask me if I know who shot my “uncle”!)

    Anyway, if no one else wins the first prize, I nominate Mr. Mo as the winner. All the bitches (and canines) in the doggy park would be sooo jealous of him! If he wrapped it the right way, he could pretend he was Batdog. Would that make you Robin, the Boy Wonder???

  12. beth Says:

    Posted to my Google page! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. boadiccea Says:

    Tried posting from my phone but I think it failed. Anyway, I posed to my Google+ account. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. maze Says:

    +1ed & facebook-ed ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. lorraine Says:

    aww..look at mo looking all pensive..well im not going to win the most creative prize because i posted it on my silly little fb wall..it did make me think of the movie due date when Zack Galifianakis said
    “I got ninety friends on Facebook, twelve of them are pending, but I got ninety friends.” โ™ฅ omg i just thought of the fact that theres a dog in that movie thats a dead ringer for mo..funny!

  16. ร“ร“ร“ร“ร“ร“ร“ร“ร“ร“ร“ de nagyon szeretnรฉm ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Nicole Says:

    While your sweet boy Mo gets to pose *with* the pretty knits, my poor girl Cookie gets stuffed into them… http://twirlyneedlefish.blogspot.com/2011/09/poor-dog.html

  18. done, and done on Google+! Hope I win because it’s GORGEOUS! ๐Ÿ™‚ Mo is a cutie pie, too!


  19. Cheryl Says:

    It’s good to see Mo back in his proper place with your knits surrounding him.

    Google+, FB, and told Candice at my new LYS to check you out. Granted that was Thursday but still!

  20. Patty G. Says:

    Shared via FB! The winner will be super lucky to have that lovely wrap.

  21. Tina B. Says:

    I love Stephen’s designs and wish there were more hours in the day in which to knit! I shared this on my facebook page; you’ll have a RUSH of entrants now because… “doggoneit, people like me!” ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Susan G Says:

    What a wonderful giveaway!!! And I love your Frenchie!!

    I have posted your blog and the giveaway on Facebook and Twitter. And I have emailed it to everyone in my knitting group.

  23. misa Says:

    Tweeted! But I want the Frenchie too.

  24. Safeena Says:

    I did it. On Facebook. It’s a lovely piece of workmanship and I hope my number comes up – in the right way!



  25. Kim Says:

    Well, let’s see, I don’t blog *(Am I the only one on the planet who doesn’t?) I don’t tweet (see previous blog comment and extrapolate) I do Facebook (how else would I have seen this, well I SHOULD read Stephen’s blog on a regular basis of course) I will put this on Facebook.

  26. Tammy Says:

    Oh please give it too me!!! I just love presents and that might top the list of most wonderful!!! I would so love it and hug it and squeeze it!!!!! Stephen West is my idol and Bugga! makes me happier than chocolate!! Come on…. You know I would give this shawl a Wonderful home. If I don’t win then atleast give your sweetie a kiss for me.

  27. Twitted love the shawl and your great to be giving it away! Mo so cute โค also texted other knitting friends the link and told them to enter. (even those I want more than they will lol)

  28. Sharon Says:

    I sent messages to my Ravelry friends, emails to my knitting pals, stood up and made an announcement in my knitting class this afternoon at my LYS, and told my Shih Tzu, Prince, to spread the word to all his buddies. Quite a few of his friends live with people who knit. Prince bet me a pack of Greenies that he’ll be able to tell more friends than me. So far he’s winning ๐Ÿ˜‰ Prince says “Whazz up” to Mo.

  29. Lovely shawl! Would love to win this as it seems like I will never get around to knitting my daughter a shawl. It’s getting cold here in New England, and I’d really like for her to have a pretty shawl to wear.
    Posted on FB.

  30. Suzanne Says:

    I posted it on Google+. Hope you get lots of hits! Gorgeous shawl.

  31. emily b Says:

    I love your blog and I love this shawl! I’m working on my first Stephen West design now–Spectra. I would love to win this giveaway.
    I’ve posted on Google+.

  32. Patti, oldgoatwoman on ravelry Says:

    Mo is precious! Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity. Loving the patterns in the upcoming westknits book three. Posted on FB.

    oldgoatwoman on ravelry

  33. Cindy D Says:

    Google +1’ed it publically

  34. I have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, a Springer Spaniel with a cataract, 3 Maine Coons, a parrot, a chinchilla & 2 Hermit Crabs. ONE of them tore up my only skein of Bugga- the fuckers! Only one cat steals yarn, and she yowls when carrying it away, and I didn’t hear anything that day.
    The Chessie has been caught running circles around the coffee table while wrapping yarn around the legs. So I blame HER! It was to be a Westknits shawl, and now I’m left with only crap, um, regular yarn to knit with. So I think I NEED this shawl, because I have a headache, and your dog is so much cuter than mine. And I don’t see him eating your stash. And I HATE reposting this, because I am greedy, and, well, screw everyone else. But I will be a good girl. sigh……..
    I tweeted it, FB’ed it, sent texts to my whole knitting group (there are 20 of us), and told the people in line at CVS and the dry cleaners about it. They already think I’m weird, so they can bite me. Why aren’t they all knitting while waiting in line? Life is TOO SHORT, and stashes are TOO BIG!

  35. Tweeting and updated on facebook… Really love the shawl~!

  36. Genevieve Says:

    I tweeted about your incredible shawl giveaway.

    PS Mo is insanely cute!

  37. lacey Says:

    Although I really wasn’t happy about telling MORE people about this which diminishes MY chances at it, I posted it to FB. ๐Ÿ˜€ LOVING this shawl.

  38. Amy Says:

    Ok. Facebook knows your contest ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. Raylene Says:

    I tweeted the giveaway! It’s really pretty, and I adore the shawl!

  40. Brianna Walker Says:

    Steven!! Oh PLEASE give Tammy (TKhappybrush)that shawl! she has whined all day!!! She really will take good care of it and is telling everyone about it.
    Thanks, Brianna
    ps-please, please, please so she will shut up!

  41. Dawn HIckman Says:

    Steven, Please give Tammy (the whiny one) the shawl. I work with her and I can’t get her to do any work because she keeps staring at the shawl. Please, I need her to do her work. She promises to do her work if she gets the shawl. I don’t believe her but we will give it a try!! Please help me. This is all she has been talking about and showing me the shawl all day!!! Please, I need peace at the office.
    Thank you

  42. I announced your give-away on my blog! Please let me win!

  43. Megan Says:

    I gave you a star in my Google Reader! What a giveaway, not just raw materials, but all of your TIME and EFFORT! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  44. Margaret Says:

    Tweet this, bitches!

  45. Mike Says:

    Shared this on a social networking site called Dlist! ๐Ÿ˜€

  46. theherocomplex Says:

    I posted it on my facebook page (my name there is theherocomplex as well, if you need to check!).

  47. Stephanie H. Says:

    Pinned it and Facebooked that. ๐Ÿ™‚ Gorgeous shawl. And that dog is j’adorable!

  48. Deanna Says:

    Tweeted! What a super giveaway!!

  49. Posted to my facebook page!!! Beautiful job!

  50. Ruth Says:

    I’ve posted your blog information on several of my Ravelry groups. The shawl looks great and I can’t wait for the new book to come out. (But I really love the dog.)

  51. Cynthia S. Says:

    I posted your give away info on a telephone pole near by office. (Nothing stipulated reposting electronically.) Who can help but look at a posting with a sweet doggie face on it?

    You totally rocked the shawl! Don’t make me beg for it!

  52. Mia Paranoia Says:

    This is gorgeous! In lack of too many possibilities I shared it over twitter and asked people to hold thumbs for me. Even looking at the pic let me feel the softness of the shawl.

  53. Hi Steven,
    I’m dropping my FaceBook accounts today (you’re not the consumer there, you ARE the product), but I e-mailed this page to my friend to put on her blog.

    I have a particularly odd qualification to win your thendara: My family’s home town is the next hamlet up river (the Moose River, another name from West’s new book) from the hamlet of Thendara in the Town of Webb, New York State. Our home town is Old Forge, the name of the blanket in the new book!

  54. Loving this blog! Just discovered through WestKnits Group on Rav.

  55. Tiina Says:

    I want this shawl so baaad! I posted to my FB page.

  56. waw,what a lovely giveaway !!!
    count me in !!

    greetz from Holland ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Reb (Adam's mother) Says:

    You might remember young Adam from MDSW. While preparing for the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival this weekend, we stopped by here to see what you were up to. Nice work, though now Adam is interested in stripes. Great – now I’ll get a “Mommy, can you help me switch colors?” at the end of every row. Just what every knitting mother needs.

    On the other hand, these stripes are lovely and a lot less garish than that child’s current project. So I thank you and Stephen West for the continued, good contributions to our knitting world.

    I shared this with Adam’s 2nd grade teachers (one of whom he tried teaching to knit, poor guy), and to friends via facebook. You know you can send this to Adam for his teachers’ Christmas gifts . . . Save this mama some time! I will work out my own cover story for who made it.

  58. Tammy Says:

    Who was the wonderfully lucky winner? Must start planning the stalking now so I can slip it away from the winner when the are looking…….

  59. DonnaC Says:

    Oh no am I too late! Love the shawl and the dog!

  60. claire Says:

    did all three…G+, tweet and FB

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