maybe a week ago,
i was at a new friend’s apartment,
and the movie stardust was playing in the background.

i wasn’t really paying attention
until i saw a shockingly beautiful knitted shawl on some lucky extra.
i may or may not have squeed a little; perhaps i inhaled sharply.
which may or may not have required an explanation for this
new, non-knitting, friend. >embarrassing<
but still made note to google it later
so i could cast it on.
(i'm no dummy)

for i was sure that such a shawl as this had been noticed by some other knitter, and, as with all things, the omniscient internets would hold the answer and point me to the pattern.

imagine my surprise when the only mention i could find of this shawl was in a stray comment left by the pickyknitter on franklin’s blog back in ’09.


since neither the picky knitter nor i have been able to track it down,
i am turning to you, dear blog readers.
i need to know the name of this shawl
and where i can get the pattern.
ignorance will no longer do!

i’ve rented the dumbass movie.
i’ve taken some shitty screenshots.
and now it’s up to you.
help a knittah out, bitches!

if you own this movie, or are crazy enough to rent it just to help me out, the scene begins at roughly 9:22.

edit: in the spirit of honesty, i feel i should disclose that i left out some information regarding my “research process” as katie puts it. when i saw how shitty the screen shots turned out to be, i was disappointed to say the least. in an attempt to provide clearer pictures, i got out my tripod, streamed the movie to my television, and attempted to take photos of the screen. the results were interesting, but not of a better quality. >not a photographer<

that's everything.