taking knitting nerdery to new heights

September 1, 2011

maybe a week ago,
i was at a new friend’s apartment,
and the movie stardust was playing in the background.

i wasn’t really paying attention
until i saw a shockingly beautiful knitted shawl on some lucky extra.
i may or may not have squeed a little; perhaps i inhaled sharply.
which may or may not have required an explanation for this
new, non-knitting, friend. >embarrassing<
but still made note to google it later
so i could cast it on.
(i'm no dummy)

for i was sure that such a shawl as this had been noticed by some other knitter, and, as with all things, the omniscient internets would hold the answer and point me to the pattern.

imagine my surprise when the only mention i could find of this shawl was in a stray comment left by the pickyknitter on franklin’s blog back in ’09.


since neither the picky knitter nor i have been able to track it down,
i am turning to you, dear blog readers.
i need to know the name of this shawl
and where i can get the pattern.
ignorance will no longer do!

i’ve rented the dumbass movie.
i’ve taken some shitty screenshots.
and now it’s up to you.
help a knittah out, bitches!

if you own this movie, or are crazy enough to rent it just to help me out, the scene begins at roughly 9:22.

edit: in the spirit of honesty, i feel i should disclose that i left out some information regarding my “research process” as katie puts it. when i saw how shitty the screen shots turned out to be, i was disappointed to say the least. in an attempt to provide clearer pictures, i got out my tripod, streamed the movie to my television, and attempted to take photos of the screen. the results were interesting, but not of a better quality. >not a photographer<

that's everything.

15 Responses to “taking knitting nerdery to new heights”

  1. Cirilia Says:

    Dude!! Stardust is awesome! And I can’t help w/ an exact pattern name but it looks like a Hap shawl to me.

  2. Rodger Says:

    That leaf lace pattern is in, I want to say, the 3rd Barbara Walker Treasury. The edging is beyond my experience though.

  3. Katie Bird Says:

    I love how thoroughly you’ve documented this research process 🙂

  4. Audry Says:

    It’s not an exact match, but this shawl is close.

    I’ve had it in my queue for awhile.

  5. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    No luck on a first pass, but found out the movie was filmed in Hamtramck, MI (grew up in MI, maiden name Sobocienski, love Polish pastry, so this brought up fond memories but no help at all on the shawl). I’ll keep poking around as well to help in your quest.

  6. kris Says:

    Check the credits, find out who did the wardrobe, they keep files, Just a thought

  7. Kate Says:

    The first part of the shawl is the Budding Lace stitch from Evelyn A. Clarke’s Swallowtail Shawl which is free to download from Ravelry.com….there is definitely a crochet bind-off going on there too, but I’ve never seen that edging before in my life! Sorry x

  8. dianestarkey Says:

    Now I don’t feel so bad about googling “game of thrones knitting” last night. There are some really interesting knitted accessories and props that I just now noticed.

    If you have any info, please share!

  9. Steph Wylie Says:

    I’ve had similar experiences of having zero interest in a movie or t.v. show until suddenly a gorgeous piece of knitwear appears on the screen. I also understand the difficulties one goes through in attempting to capture a clear image of the knitted piece. Have you ever tried to save an image from Hulu? They make it impossible!!! I actually had to resort to drawing the damn thing(s) from screen shots frozen at various angles. Unfortunately, I don’t have any info that could help you with that shawl. Have you tried asking around on Ravelry? I’m pretty certain they have a group dedicated to finding patterns that are like those seen in movies/t.v., and sometimes reverse engineering from scratch when a pattern can’t be found. Good luck!

  10. Bobbie in AK Says:

    Here’s a link to the costume designer, Sammy Sheldon, via IMDb – who was nomintated for costume design for Stardust.


    At least this gives you a name to start with. He/she may not have knit the shawl, but could possibly know who did?

  11. Anonymous, too Says:

    Looking at the photos, it doesn’t look like the darker stripes were knitted in. Instead, it loooks more like they found the shawl somewhere and then spray-painted the stripes on. Keeping this in mind may help you find the pattern.

    The way the pattern repeats at the center back also makes me wonder if this might be machine-made. Or if it is the result of sewing together two existing and similar, yet unrelated pieces of needlework.

    Good luck, young Sherlock Jedi. And give your faithful assistant, Mo Watson, a good ear rub for me.

  12. Kate Says:

    It looks like Lara is on to a winner here…!

  13. misa Says:

    Ha ha, I love the insanity of the obsession. I did the same thing for the shawl in Tess D’Ubervilles which is basically just a garter stitch triangle. A number of folk on Ravelry have since made up patterns for it. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kays-tess-durbervilles-shawl Can’t help you with this one though.

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