this is just to say

September 13, 2011

i have made a,
stephen west
neck accessory,

the yarn carried up
the side is
too tight,
it puckers.

does an imperfect
edge mean i
shouldn’t give it

(seriously. i wanted to give this away on the blog, but is it wrong to give away something with a wonky edge? does anybody want it?)

28 Responses to “this is just to say”

  1. Was it knit with love? If yes, than who gives a shit? lol

  2. Oh crap! I just did what I berate people for all the time. THEN not THAN. grrrrr (blaming it on the flu shot I got tonight) 🙂

  3. Dena Says:

    Did you know that some cultures purposefully put a mistake in their work? I believe it might have been the people who make Persian rugs. Their reasoning was that only God is perfect.

    I think your thendara is very pretty. I love the colors you chose 🙂

  4. cheryl Says:

    Love the colors. If you hadn’t said anything we might not notice….and yes.

  5. Lynn Says:

    All of the “imperfections” are the thoughts of love & good wishes that were channeled through your fingers as you knit, Steven. They are not imperfections at all! You can gift it with pride – but really, the scarf looks terrific on you! – Lynn (the lady with wrist brace, a customer at Natural Stitches. I’ve following your adventures since you left Pittsburgh, and wishing you well!)

  6. Kimberly Says:

    Steven, You are the cutest little thing ever. Seriously. I could just bite you xx

    However, it was knit with love, anyone would be proud to have your work

  7. Lynn Says:

    UGH! I did that with my Daybreak.
    Your Thendara still looks wicked-good however!

  8. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    I certainly want it, wonky edge and all. A) it’s gorgeous, and B) you made it. (Besides, from what I can see on my monitor, the colors look the same as Steven jr’s fleece, how could I resist?)

  9. Sarah Says:

    It can’t be blocked into submission? 😉 I love the color combination, and I can’t tell that it has a wonky edge from the pictures, so I’d be happy to have it.

  10. kelley Says:

    The colors are wonderful and since when does something have to be perfect? I’d wear it in a heartbeat.

  11. Margaret Says:

    Are you kidding? It’s GORGEOUS! I can’t see any puckers, I just see jealousy that I’m still terrified of knitting with more than one color. I love it.

  12. Haley Nagy Says:

    It. Is. Not. Wrong.

    Wonky edges are nothing some severe blocking or crocheted on edges can’t fix.*

    *and when in doubt, blame the yarn.

  13. Haley Nagy Says:

    P.S. I waaaaaaaant it.

  14. Nessa from No. Va Says:

    It was made with *your* time & *your* love which are better than perfection.

    I recently messed up the border on both baby blankets I made for my best friends twins. Being me (read slightly neurotic) I pointed it out. She said, the babies won’t notice or care and when they get big they will love them and know that Aunt Nessa put time and effort and love in to them.

  15. Jan at Cat Crap Hill Says:

    That’s EXACTLY how I knit!

  16. Tawnee Says:

    I love it. I can’t notice anything wonky about it at all. I think I would so wear it. If you know it was mine. 🙂

  17. Carmel Says:

    It’s beautiful! Nothing wrong with a little pucker….I would cherish a knit from you 🙂

  18. CarolP Says:

    I do! I do!
    You can’t even tell the edge is puckered!
    Did you give it a bath and block the edges? I do that ALOT
    because I have all these doofus stitches happening and I soak and pin them down and when it’s dry ~ voila!
    It looks good on you! You should keep it!

  19. Nicole Says:

    Well of course I want it! It’s gorgeous! Be proud of it – it was made with your time and your hands, and there will never be another exactly like it.

  20. lorraine Says:

    boo! its absolutely obsessed with the shape of it..i find my love of wonky edges to be my most endearing quality 🙂 ..a little late on this but im glad that your darling pup is safe and well..

  21. Lara Says:

    The edge is a design feature, right? It’s beautiful and I love it. Its gray and black. My boss told me if I keep knitting in these colors people are going to think Im in mouning. They are the best colors ever!

  22. Kristen Says:

    It looks very nice in your modelling photos!

  23. Cinnamon Says:

    Are you kidding? Of course I want it. I like wonk, and I like Stephen West patterns, and you knit it. That’s 3 stars in my book.

  24. Pamela DuVall Says:

    Imperfections are the result of a life lived perfectly. It is lovely! It would be a privilege to wear!

  25. misa Says:

    It’s effing beautiful you wonk.

  26. Trisha R Says:

    Shut up. Love it.

  27. maze Says:

    Hm. If I’m right, I already commented, but I can’t see it above.
    So: I like this thendara & it would fit my hair (which is not grey (yet)). I don’t mind the edge.
    So I +1-ed this post and shared on facebook.

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