all work and no play

March 27, 2011

hey there bitches!
how’re things with you?

how am i doing?
well i’m feeling a little . . . odd tonight.
i think it’s this house sitting gig i’ve got.
all this alone time in a big old house,
no one to talk to but some cats,
and the tivo,
my god! the tivo!

i think it’s making me a little stir crazy.
i feel the cabin fever descending.

since all i’m working on is some super secret knitting,
i have nothing at all fibery to share with you all tonight.
but i still feel the need to keep you entertained.

let’s go to the bathroom shall we?
a photo shoot in the shower is just the ticket.

let’s have some fun with facial hair!

goateehandlebarporno stash

i can’t show the last pic.
a naked-face pic is just going to far,
even for me.

i’m a lady.