clockwork, queen of the desert

March 6, 2011

i sent my clockwork away to see america.
i couldn’t stand the stripy sight of it any longer,
and thought this trip would do us both a world of good.

but when adrian told me it was headed to australia,
i did get just a tad nervous at the idea of it traveling so far.
it is one of my creations after all, and momma worries.

i mean,

australia might as well be the magical world of make believe!
what with it being not one, but two hemispheres away.

mail takes a while to cross such a distance,
and every once in a while,
i’d ask adrian if she had any news.
patience was her answer.
internet stalking a certain australian spinner was mine.

to no avail unfortunately.

you see,
the clockwork arrived safely a while ago,
but i just found out the other day.
twitter lines got crossed somehow,
and since it’s summertime down there,
a scarfy photo shoot wasn’t exactly the most appealing idea.
every time there was an update on david’s blog that was unrelated to my now beloved clockwork,
i died a little inside.

i’m an only child.
we’re self centered that way.

luckily, all is well.
david (of southern cross fibre) has been taking good care of the clockwork, and took it to sydney to see what there is to see.
(hopefully it included a lifeguard in those little red-orange shorts)
don’t they look happy?

word has it that one of his fibre club members will get it in their next shipment, the lucky duck.

everyone should go buy david’s fiber to thank him for babysitting the clockwork so far from home. and if you can’t,
at least leave a comment on his blog.

i plan on doing both.

5 Responses to “clockwork, queen of the desert”

  1. David Says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful Clockwork. I’m sorry you were so worried. Your wonderful creation is leaving our shores today for a trip back to the northern hemisphere and should arrive in within two weeks. xoxo

  2. V. Says:

    Lovely post. Love, your favorite other only child.

  3. Kimberly Says:

    My god I think I’d be sick to my stomach if it went so far…yet excited at the same time xx

    I bet now you’ll keep it when you get it back wontcha?! lol

  4. clairelynow Says:

    That’s amazing! I’m knitting some armbands for microRevolt’s project, and I’m super pumped to mail some of my knitting all the way to Boston. Maybe you should check it out.

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