to those who wait

December 10, 2010

the other day, i got an email.
which lead to one of the loveliest phone calls ever.
the specifics of that phone call are unimportant.
let’s just say there were plenty of laughs.

the result of said conversation arrived yesterday:

with this yarn,
i will knit my first sample garment ever
for blue moon fiber arts.

i literally got all misty just now typing that.
it just feels really special, having someone think your knitting is good enough, worthy enough to represent their company. tina is a busy busy woman, and she has poured her soul into blue moon. i mean, it’s literally her home for christ’s sake.

i just feel really honored to be a part of it,
if only in this small way.

and the extra money and yarn support ain’t too shabby either.
i’m going to do the right thing, listen to suze orman,
and put that money right into savings.
(i read the money book for the young, fabulous & broke, all of which i am. it scared the shit out of me.)

and that brown yarn,

that’s some handspun. my first birthday present of this year.
(tissue! i need a tissue here!)

oh you didn’t know i had a birthday coming up?
on december 18th, one week before christmas,
i will gain another digit.
to celebrate the end of my youth,
i’m headed to new york in six,
count ’em, six motha fuckin days bitches!
(it’s my first time, new york. please, be gentle)
how can someone as young, fabulous, and broke as i afford such a trip?
no it has nothing at all to do with cramp in my jaw.
simply put, i’m scamming a free bed off a friend.
actually a friend’s boyfriend.
actually it’s his parents.
i have no shame.

i’m hoping it will be as fantastic as i’m imagining,
and i wonder how it will stack up to paris.
in any case,
the best gifts are still the ones you give yourself.

of course birthday gifts from other people still rule,
and in many cases are implicitly mandatory to maintain a friendship.

if you were wondering what to get for your favorite knit-blogger for their birthday or christmas, here are some suggestions
(purely a hypothetical here)

1 – money. nothing says i love you better, or is more personal than cash. a check or money order is also great, but traceable. better to leave no paper trail. (what? i went to school with mob children)
2 – gift card to a LYS. this says i love you enough to let you spend the money as you see fit, but i don’t want you spending it on drugs or alcohol. wool is much safer.
3 – membership in the 2011 rockin’ sock club. this gift says, i know you have a problem with sock yarn, and i’m totally ok with that. it also says you better knit me some damn socks already.
4 – moisturizer. this gift says, you’re looking pretty . . . fucking old. you need to take care of that hot mess you call a face.
(best birthday card ever tina!)

but if your holiday is going to be as tight as so many americans’
nothing warms the heart of a jaded, grinchy blogger,
like a happy birthday comment.

see you in new york, bitches!

20 Responses to “to those who wait”

  1. Kim Says:

    Happy early birthday! Let’s meet up for yarn shopping at Purl Soho on a weekeday. If your busy schedule allows. E-mail me.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Peru and Geisha or Laci?

    Happy pre-birthday, young man.

  3. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Happy birthday season! (I don’t believe they should be limited to just one day. The year I turned 40 I celebrated all damn year. I also tend to provide the service to friends and family of how many shopping days they have until my birthday every year. I kinda like birthdays.)

    I’m shipping on Monday what was originally to be an unsolicited suprise for you (as opposed to a solicited surprise, if there’s such a thing), but now I’m claiming it was for your birthday all along. Go with it.

  4. kimberly Says:

    Ooooooo Happy Early Birthday!
    You kill me with your words..I am so trying not to LOL here at work…

    I too have a birthday coming up…2 days before christmas…so what to get you? If you email me and tell me what pattern, ANY PATTERN for sale on Ravelry.. I will buy…I will buy for you because I love you xx
    Ohh…maybe even I will buy you yarn instead, but I don’t expect you to knit me socks….tell me two things
    #1 your pattern you want and #2 the yarn you want…i’ll have a look and surprise you 🙂

    email me x

  5. lisabee Says:

    hooray for you!
    you are far too young to be jaded or grinchy. go forth and be merry! celebrate your ass off!
    lots of love,lb.

  6. Astrid Says:

    Happy birthday, dahling! New York will be fabbo, I just love visiting there. Very different than Paris, though. If you want a unique yarn-related experience, go to School Products Yarn — you never know what you’ll find there, and it’ll never be there again, so you have to BUY IT NOW! The place oozes character, nothing slick or fancy about the store.

  7. Chancy Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Frankie Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the laughs today! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy the hell of out New York! Happy knitting!

  9. Cheryl Says:

    Been lurking a while. Love your blog and your knit pants. Happy Birthday and send me your address and I’ll send you some moisturizer from my MasonCJ etsy shop in a scent you like. Must support blogging and knitting. Ps: your blog snow freaked me out a little.

  10. Nancy Paris Says:

    You are SO darling. I didn’t go to NYC until I was 55 and I thought I died and went to heaven. Laughingly (sort of) I said to myself, Self, you have found your tribe!
    You might too, so brace yourself. Be prepared to be bedazzled. (You did mean NYC not NY State?)
    If you are in Soho, go by The Cupping Room. I am from SoCal so thought it was sooo New Yawk. Be sure to check out the restrooms. (Did this pass OSHA?)
    And Happy Birthday, you young whipper snapper. You should have a button (on your blog site)where fans can contribute to a Birfday fund.
    Fondly, Nancy

  11. Adrienne Says:

    Enjoy NYC! LIke you needed me to tell you that…

    Happy birthday, too. I suggest a stop at Purl Soho. Also, if you should go to the Met, know that you can get in for free. Seriously. Their ticket prices are only what they suggest you should donate. They have to take whatever you chose to give ’em. It’s an amazing way to kill hours and hours and hours on the cheap.

  12. Gina Says:

    haaaaa you are so funny. “all of which I am”

    happy birthday!

  13. Pixiewear Says:

    Happy Birthday! I just found you – via your interview of Stephanie/Tiny Owl Knits – and bookmarked your blog immediately. Have a great trip to NY. Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  14. misa Says:

    Happy Birthday to the young, broke and fabulous from the old, not so fabulous, and almost broke. Have a fab time in my old hometown and don’t let Kim feed you too many red velvet cupcakes.

  15. Kathy Says:

    happy birthday, my little YFBer. take NYC by storm, eat in little italy (you might see some of your old school chums).

  16. turtle Says:

    congrats on the sample knitting! I know what you mean, out lys approached me a few weeks ago asking me to do some display knitting. As i am self taught just 4 years ago…yes, not a day goes by that i don’t knit, spin, dye… i was very honored. But what a fabulous company to ask you! Kudos!!
    And happy happy birthday! Enjoy the city, NY rocks! Especially just before xmas too! Sorry but just a virtual hug and toast will have to suffice, lol, especially after being struck by the flood this weekend! Lets not read a “the jails of NY” post later though, smiles!

  17. brooke Says:

    I am not sure you should be left unattended in NY. I’ll watch the news and make sure the city is safe while you are there! I can’t believe Tina asked you to knit for her… she does know you are the same knitter who said a YO was lace knitting?? Right?? Ohhh will you ever live that down? LOL…Seriously – have a fab birthday – celebrate all month long… Enjoy NY, enjoy that lovely yarn and best of luck on your test knitting. What an honor in deed! You, my dearest bitch, rock!

  18. chris Says:

    happy birthday! just found your blog recently. and i love it! my bday is the 17th. i’ll be in ny too just way upstate… like canada upstate. anyhoo happy b’day and just wanted to say hi. keep up the good work!

    ❤ chris

  19. Sabrina Says:

    Happy early Birthday! Wish you all the best and I hope you are having a great time in NY City!
    Enjoy and try to be as happy as you can!


  20. […] that need to comfort through knitting. three days later, a boneyard was born. i decided to use the handspun tina gave me for my birthday. she made me promise i wouldn’t treasure it; i had to knit […]

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