birthday news

December 18, 2010

well folks, today is my birthday.
i am twenty six years old.
to me, that seems very old,
but i’ve been told i have a problem with aging.
(my face would agree)

rather than dwell on my fine lines and wrinkles,
how about i tell you my news?

at 161 6th ave in manhattan,
soho publishing puts out vogue knitting,
knit simple, yarn market news, and debbie bliss magazine.
this summer, i will be their lowly unpaid intern.

this will mean a move to new york city for at least three months.
right now, the only thing keeping my excitement under control
is this terrible urge to vomit all over myself.

moving to new york is a kind of mythical adventure;
it’s one of those things “other” people do,
not some corn-fed michigan boy.

the mind reels.

being a lowly unpaid intern means i’ll also need a real job in the city.
so, my new york friends,
wanna see my resumé?