birthday news

December 18, 2010

well folks, today is my birthday.
i am twenty six years old.
to me, that seems very old,
but i’ve been told i have a problem with aging.
(my face would agree)

rather than dwell on my fine lines and wrinkles,
how about i tell you my news?

at 161 6th ave in manhattan,
soho publishing puts out vogue knitting,
knit simple, yarn market news, and debbie bliss magazine.
this summer, i will be their lowly unpaid intern.

this will mean a move to new york city for at least three months.
right now, the only thing keeping my excitement under control
is this terrible urge to vomit all over myself.

moving to new york is a kind of mythical adventure;
it’s one of those things “other” people do,
not some corn-fed michigan boy.

the mind reels.

being a lowly unpaid intern means i’ll also need a real job in the city.
so, my new york friends,
wanna see my resumΓ©?

37 Responses to “birthday news”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Congrats. Never lived there myself, and that is a regret, but I got San Francisco. You headed back or Vogue Knitting Live? I’ll be there.

  2. Frankie Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! πŸ™‚
    Oh, you’re a baby — only a couple of weeks older than my oldest so definitely young in my book! And I mean the “baby” thing in the nicest, kindest, mom kind of way. πŸ™‚

    How exciting is that internship going to be! It sounds like you’ve got a wonderful adventure in store — I hope New York is just filled with all the best things for you. Now enjoy your birthday!

  3. Tamara Says:

    Congratulations! What an exciting time for you…I can’t imagine. And happy birthday!

  4. lisabee Says:

    i knew it!!! i’m so happy for you. i will miss you like crazy! i am so happy for you, though, and so proud of you! can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home. lots of love, lisabee.

  5. Yay! Happy Birthday and Congrats! You deserve some fun in the city!

  6. Hilary Says:

    So much great stuff in this post! So first of all, Happy Birthday!! 26 is NOT old. You’re still in your mid-twenties, man! Just wait until you turn 30…then you’ll really feel old! Seriously, though, I keep hearing that 30 is the new 20, so you’re still a teenager. πŸ™‚

    Secondly, OMG CONGRATULATIONS!! A move to NYC sounds fabulous and amazing and the experience of a lifetime. I can’t wait to read about your adventures when you go! I am sososososo excited for you!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Yvonne Says:


  8. Elissa Says:

    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!
    Somehow a few years ago, I got a job in New York in the lumber business. I drove out from Northern British Columbia and lived there for almost 4 years before my exciting career in wood took me to Texas. If a girl from the backwoods of Canada can do it, a boy from Michigan will be a superstar!

  9. Megan Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Maybe I’ll come visit you in New York this summer and make you eat at my favorite (read absurdly cliche) Italian restaurant in Little Italy. I love you and hope you have an amazing birthday and an incredible time in New York.

  10. Mkonieczki Says:

    Unbelievabley awesome! Congratulations! Happy birthday to you!!!!!

  11. Kimberly Says:

    yay!!! Happy Birthday and Congrats..don’t fret over being 26…wait till you hit my age..i’ll be 35 on Thursday…and to most people I’m still a baby

    You are going to LOVE New York! having been there many times, it’s a city to fall in love with…for sure!

  12. heyjenrenee Says:

    this is amazing news!!!! haps births and super huge CONGRATS to you … you are so lucky! eeep!

  13. Natalie Says:

    Happy birthday and congrats on the internship!

  14. Jen and Mark Says:

    How exciting! Congratulations and happy birthday!

  15. Rose Says:

    Happy Birthday, and congratulations!

  16. Kim Says:

    Fantastic news, Steven. Our loss is New York’s gain. You will be a wonderful intern. Good luck. We will miss you.

  17. Jenn Says:

    Congratulations! I’m very excited for you! πŸ™‚

    (and Happy Birthday! I refuse to believe you have fine lines or wrinkles.)

  18. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    As one who will be 50 in a few months, I’m going to let that 26-is-old crack just slide on by. We can address it again in 20 years.

    Happy Happy Birthday today!

    Huge and Gigantic congratulations on the internship! That is such exciting news, I am so happy for you! I think you are in for a most excellent adventure.

  19. linda Cannon Says:

    What a neat accomplishment, being picked it is unbelievable. You are very fortunate and I truly believe you will do very Well. The experience will be something very few people get to do. WHA HOO!!!
    Happy Happy B’Day!!

  20. babelbabe Says:

    26? pshaw, you’re a mere infant. happy birthday!

  21. kiwionaleash Says:

    Happy Birthday and Congrads!

  22. Michael Says:

    You Rock!!!!! I am so happy for you I am about to burst! Proud of you too! You’ll probably impress them so much they won’t let you leave. We will all miss you, but I am so happy for you. NYC is a wonderful place with lots of opportunities and I’m sure you will have fun and learn a lot. I lived there for 4 years and made sure I crammed a lot into that time. You will too. Happy birthday (almost wish I were 26)! Hope you had a great day!

  23. Juliet in Grand Rapids Says:


    Congrats on that Vogue thing! I just might have to re-subscribe! Lucky NYC to get you!

  24. Sarah Says:

    Happy birthday, congrats on the job, and wahhh! on losing you for the summer!

  25. Beth Says:

    Now that is one hell of a birthday present! Congratulations to you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  26. Katie Says:

    Great news Steven. You’ll take New York by storm. If you are thinking of places to live, I’m always an advocate for Astoria. Great trains and you can get a decent place for cheaper than “hip” parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Not to mention you’d be close to the Beer Garden. One bit of advice with the Manhattan Trader Joes, get in line as soon as you get in the store and do your shopping while you wait. I know Robert will be jealous of your proximity to the Strand. Good Luck and Happy Birthday. At the beginning of the summer, the NYTimes posts a huge list of all the Free-outdoor film screenings all over the city. 26 isn’t as much of a crisis as 25. But a good Sagittarius like yourself will pull through!

  27. Kathy Says:

    Happy Birthday Baby Steve!

    NYC internship? Am I dumba$$ or did I miss something? Clarinet? Not that those two descriptors aren’t mutually exclusive….

  28. Melynda Says:

    happy Birthday and Congrats- this is so exciting to hear. I hope with your intern+real work schedule you are still able to keep us posted- it will be fun to hear you document your experience.

  29. brooke Says:

    26?!! I am pretty sure i have stuff in my closet about that old….so exciting!! NYC – whooo hoooo. you will have a blast. my dauther has been a few times….i’ll ask her some of her favorite spots (eats/drinks,etc) and let you know what she says..

  30. Romi Says:

    How totally and absolutely cool is that?!?!?! Give Faith a hug for me!

    And happy belated birthday, fellow Sag. πŸ˜€

  31. tara Says:

    Happy Birthday, and Congratulations!

  32. Nancy Paris Says:

    I am so happy for you!! You are on your way, young man. Please don’t drop your blog, it is my favorite. I am one selfish bitch, I know.

  33. Sunnyknitter Says:

    Happy birthday! What a fabulous start to what promises to be an amazing year. Now that you’ve taken care of the anxiety vomit, enjoy yourself!

  34. Andrea Ybarra-Jones Says:

    Great news!! I’m practically bursting with curiosity… what will you be doing as an intern??

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