an open letter to stephen west

October 26, 2010

dear stephen,

i love you.
not in that way since we obviously haven’t met,
but i love your designs, your aesthetic,
that carefree attitude that nearly
drips from your photographs.

the speed with which you churn out patterns is astonishing.
and there are several i’ve been meaning to start.
ask any of my coworkers of my struggle
to find the perfect colors for daybreak,
or my new crush on chadwick.

i’m also très grateful that i get to test knit for you.
even if i can’t show the world what i’ve been knitting,
it still makes me feel special.

that being said,
i have to ask one question about your new pattern,
the one you’ve named knothole.

don’t you think that it may be a tad . . . .

. . . vaginal?

i’m just saying.

sincerely yours,


15 Responses to “an open letter to stephen west”

  1. Heidi Says:

    OMG… when I saw it the other day I thought the exact same thing!! It’s a beautiful piece of knitwear, but yeah… it kind of looks like bunch of vaginas.

  2. Yvonne Says:

    ha! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  3. Jess Says:

    And now I can’t un-see it. Yikes.

  4. Sarah Says:

    What Jess said. I will never be able to look at it in the same way again.

  5. kimberly Says:

    I seen tree knots, then u said vaginas so thats all i see now

  6. Yarnyoldkim Says:

    Twat is that?! Not hole, Knothole? Yes, hole!

  7. Hilary Says:

    LOL! That is *so* vaginal!!!

  8. Glen Says:

    OMFG!!! wow… that’s… wow…

  9. Alison Says:

    I have to make knothole now. I can’t not have a big vagina scarf.

  10. Annette Says:

    now I want to make someone a pink one as a joke gift. ha!

  11. Juliet in Grand Rapids Says:

    Looking for phallic patterns. Equal time you know.

  12. Sue Says:

    Think Kleenex boxes. Now you will never look at a tissue box the same way. Sorry!

  13. lauren Says:

    oh SHIT I’m never going to be able to look at that thing ever again. It’s just vagina vagina vagina vagina!

  14. krista Says:

    Thank god that fun fur craze died down.

    Btw, love your blog!

  15. Northmoon Says:

    I think the word you want is ‘vulva’.

    the vagina is the internal part of the female genitalia, it’s not visible. The vulva is the external part, looks similar to parts of this scarf!

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