dear reader

October 12, 2010

i love you.
i adore and respect you.
you complete me.

so of course i turned to you in my time of crisis.
almost every one of you told me to steek the sweater
since it was clearly the fastest solution to meeting the deadline.
it was sound advice.
expert even.

i listened to every word.

and promptly ignored it since it was clearly the wrong advice.

i am a perfectionist knitter and a spiritual one.
i didn’t go into this project with the intention to steek
so i just couldn’t do it.

it would be wrong.

(i am especially ashamed of you jen,
for suggesting i cut corners.
you of all people!)

so i ripped (and my friend anna documented)

it was painful.

and shocking.

but i’m happy with my choice.

when i ripped,
i told myself that,
if i didn’t finish for rhinebeck,
i’d still be happy finishing the sweater properly.

this was clearly a delusional lie since i will only be happy if i get to wear my intended rhinebeck sweater to my first rhinebeck.
here’s about three and half days of knitting:

that’s about fourteen inches of sweater.
only a couple more and i join the sleeves,
and start the yoke.

what do you think,
can i still make it?