i may have a problem, but i’m ok with that.

September 6, 2010

this entry is dedicated to my good friend in yarn, anna.
i couldn’t have done it without you babe.

today is labor day.
today i rest.
i will not knit.
i need not knit,
not today.
for yesterday,
i tasted victory.

the summer has been a battle.
a knitting battle of wit and stamina.
the battle known as socks and lace.

toward the end it became clear
that my only competition was anna;
my friend,
my coworker,
my sworn enemy.

the competition was fierce.
some might even say we lost our minds.
to them i say, you didn’t want it bad enough.

we did.

the speed with which anna finished projects was staggering, even scary.
she churned out socks and shawls like the yarn harlot on crack.
never before had i met an opponent as worthy as she,
one who forced me to be a better competitor,
someone who craved victory as much as i.

but i had something that she did not,
something that intensified my already sick need for glory.

it was a certain sweater,
a supreme public mocking,
and the thousands of calls to “man up and knit real lace.”
i admit that i asked for it. i invited scrutiny,
and was taught the lesson of post midnight emails.

the people of the knitting world spoke,
and commanded me to follow the rules,
to stay inside the box.

so i did.

i made the rules my own.
i owned those rules.
i followed the letter of the law, and in doing so,
eviscerated its spirit.

so today i rest,
allow my fingers to recover,
and i wear my stole of victory*.
for in knitting it,
i secured my win.

(i recognize that i may have a problem. i’m at peace with it.)

*the “stole of victory” was my ace in the hole. i held cascade 220 quadrupled knit on size 15’s (10mm) lengthwise. i bought the yarn at natural stitches so it then counted double, and threw in a lace chevron that i messed up somehow. but it doesn’t have to be good lace to count.

6 Responses to “i may have a problem, but i’m ok with that.”

  1. Anna Says:

    Ah, bittersweet, bittersweet.

  2. You both are cray-cray. Seriously. But I love you both dearly.

  3. Martha Says:


  4. Megan Says:

    I love you. This was SO you. Your inability to be proven wrong or defeated in any way is both hilarious, frustrating and appalling at times. Love it and love you. 🙂

  5. Sarah Says:

    Sneaky, sneaky! But am I ever glad you guys are in your own category.

  6. Brooke Says:

    OK, just so ya know – and don’t go getting a puffy head about this – I read your blog with the same regularity now as i read The Yarn Harlot.. so there.. If I knew the password to my blog and kept it updated, i’d invite you to visit mine.. until then.. just remember, I my read your posts regularly, but i’ll also remember The Great Lace Debate & the Silk Retreat… so glad to have briefly met you in person.. such a fun guy!! Knit on!

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