on the road

August 11, 2010

i’ve taken a little day trip.
and i’m writing to you from michigan.

i love coming home,
especially since it’s a rare thing lately.
last night i remembered how clear the night sky can be,
and saw a shooting star before the fog rolled in.
i slept in my childhood bed, listening to nothing but the sound of mo breathing and occasional breeze.

thank god i’m a country boy.

my mom and i are now heading west
to the city of my alma mater
and favorite yarn store.

because really,
the only thing more important than family
is getting the yarn for my rhinebeck sweater.
i’ll have more on that later but right now,
i want to talk more about where i’m writing from.

i’m writing from the future!

let me explain.

we’re literally driving to east lansing right now.

my mother recently purchased a new car, and let me tell you,
it’s a robot.

as i type this,
she’s talking to my father
whose voice is coming through the speakers,
my computer is plugged into an outlet in the back,
and with the aid of a little internet stick from verizon,
i’m surfing the web faster than i ever could at home.

i don’t think i have ever been happier than i am right now;
someone else driving me around
with the internet.
i think i may have found enlightenment.

expect details on this trip tomorrow but right now,
let me say one quick thing about the contest:

i thought having you help me would make this easier.

it hasn’t.

i never expected so many sad stories in the comments,
and i have no idea how i’m going to choose.
but by friday, there’ll be a winner.
i’ll figure something out.

until then,
keep the comments coming.
why make things easier now?

5 Responses to “on the road”

  1. Anna Says:

    But can it order Chipotle? Because that is truly from the future.

  2. turtle Says:

    enjoy, safe travels! Isn’t technology fantastic? How did we ever survive before it!?

  3. Juliet in Grand Rapids Says:

    Is your favorite yarn store one of mine, too? I think I’m heading there next week.

    Enjoy your future experience. Knitting keeps you grounded in the present!

  4. Kadee Says:

    I’ve never commented before, but I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a while now. Hope the trip to EL includes a stop at the Dairy Store. It’s a can’t miss any time I’m in town!

  5. heideho Says:

    Any time someone else is driving it’s a good trip… but internet too? Wow!

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