sur la table

August 13, 2010

even though i’ve decided to take this year
to live a life of fiber frivolity,
my real life,
“the plan”
looms like an ever present miasma.

so veronica and i got a new table/work station for our nook.

as you can see,
my priorities are still skewed.
but that laptop right there is all business.
i promise.

kelli (of the infamous stóra dímun),
has requested another shawl of me.
per usual, she offered to pay for the yarn.
and anyone who wants to keep me in tosh sock, i’m knitting for.

she wanted a haruni,
but everyone and there mother is making one.
if fact, i think kelli is knitting one for her mother right now.
i said i’d make a shawl, but i wanted one a little more challenging,
and a little less commonplace.

i chose the norther summer shawl by jo kelly.
it alternates stockinette with knitted lace (patterning on both sides)

i’m in love.

it just came out this month and, so far,
there’s only the designer’s finished project on ravelry.
can’t get much newer than that.

i’m racing through it now,
hoping to be the first person to post one to ravelry.
i’ll let you know how it goes!

and now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for,
the winner of the shaelyn shawl.

let me just say,
this was the hardest contest ever.
i never expected a blog contest to get me all misty.
there are so many deserving people.
how could i choose?

the answer is a couldn’t
so in honor of friday the 13th,
i took the top thirteen comments,
and drew cards, one for each card in a suit.

congratulation to sheri and her friend pat.

yours was the queen of diamonds.

to everyone else,
i hope that, at the very least,
the contest made you think about the people in your life.
even if you don’t knit for them, i think you’d agree,
we need to take care of the people around us.
and we could all use a little extra love thrown our way.

speaking of which,
veronica would like to thank all the people for their compliments on the photo shoot and for voting for her to win the shawl.

i however must ask you stop.
i fear she might start charging me.

seriously guys,
tone it down.