it’s all about life lessons lately here at bitches get stitches.
as i move ever closer to my third anniversary of knitting,
i notice just how far i’ve come in my knowledge of the fiber arts.

i’ve even come to realize that
the really important life lessons are not about knitting itself;
they’re about dealing with the knitting community.
after almost three years, you’d think i’d have gotten it:
don’t mess with knitters.
they will cut a bitch.
(i know i would)

and for the most part,
i have learned this lesson.

yet somehow,
i still cant get it through my thick skull that,
after midnight,
sending knitting related internet communications is unwise.
(we all remember the great lace debate of 2010 do we not?!)

but last night,
in a moment of weakness,
i sent an inappropriate tweet:

dear @twistcollective. really? only one men’s pattern and its a dumb grey vest?! this is why i don’t read you

immediately followed by:

@twistcollective luckily though, i doubt i’m your target audience.

obviously, this was immature and foolish.
while twitter (and other sites) are obviously spaces to give your opinion,
one must always remember that people will read what you write.
so while in the dark of the night in my bedroom,
it didn’t occur to me that i’d get a reply,
it’s not unexpected that i did:

@Faiche_Stiabhna We prefer “understated” to “dumb” and actually, there’s more than 1 men’s pattern this issue

it’s true, i was wrong;
there is more than one men’s pattern in the fall twist collective.
there’s a pattern for a grey zippered cardigan you can knit as well.
and while each of us is entitled to our adjective of choice,
i will work on not throwing my adjectives at people via twitter.

learn from my mistakes people.
keep your opinions where they belong!

on your blog.

p.s. everyone should go to the twist collective right now,
and purchase mary-heather cogar’s new sweater, promenade. it’s the perfect mixture of simplicity and design detail. it’s what knitting should be.

in tomorrow’s issue: “why sending crazed emails after midnight can save your ass”