bon anniversaire!

August 9, 2010

well folks, today is the one year anniversary of bitches get stitches!
i started it a year ago for some reason i suppose,
but i’m finding it hard to remember why.
if i go back to that first post, i wrote,

“here I am world, Steven A.
why am I here? besides the fact that all the cool kids are doing it? I needed a place to talk shop.
knitting that is.”

simple enough.

it’s harder to articulate why i keep going exactly.
i guess, on the most basic level,
i write because there are people who read;
there are people out there who actually care what i think,
(at least when it comes to stitch manipulation)
and like the part of me i’m putting out for the world to see.

it’s great to feel like i’m actually a part of the conversation,
and not just some crazy person talking about yarn.

there’s also the fact that,
no matter what,
this is my space.
a place where i can be sassy and irreverent as i want.
i get to go there,
be the mayor of there,
and no one gets to tell me to shut the fuck up.

or at least if they do,
i don’t have to listen to them.

in any case this year has been great,
and i can’t wait to see what happens next.

of course, i couldn’t have an anniversary post without a f.o.

so i busted my buns,
tracked down more beads,
and finished my shaelyn shawl.

(veronica was kind enough to model for me)

(you really should check out the rest of the photo shoot. it’s gorgeous!)

i used madelinetosh pashmina in the “copper penney” colorway leftover from the juneberry i knit for stephanie. i added size 6 miyuki beads, color 135 (root beer). 648 freakin’ beads.

i knit this with no one specifically in mind;
i just wanted to use up some beautiful yarn,
and try my hand at some beaded knitting.

it would have made a great gift for so many people in my circle of friends,
but it really didn’t seem to fit anyone.
so i guess it’s that time again,
time foooooooor. . .

the third bitches get stitches giveaway!!

the rules:
this one’s going to be a little different guys.
i want this shawl to embody the essence of giving.


just leave a comment to enter,
but not for yourself.
instead explain who you think i should send it to and why.

it can be for your sister’s birthday,
or your coworker just because she’s fabulous.
maybe you think i should send it to meg swansen,
just for shits and giggles.

in any case,
the best person/reason wins.
the decision is completely arbitrary;
it’ll just be whichever comment i like best.

so help me out people,
and make some one else’s day!

thanks for a great first year bitches!

65 Responses to “bon anniversaire!”

  1. Anna Says:

    I think you should give it to Yvonne.

  2. Karen C Says:

    I like Anna’s answer – because Yvonne helped you save the other shawl…however…

    I think you should give it to my mom because:
    1. She’s awesome
    2. My grandmother has been very sick the past few weeks and just entered a nursing facility at the ripe age of 88. My mom is an only child and she’s doing her best to navigate the healthcare system and downsize my grandma’s belongings/apt while still maintaining her sanity
    3. She looks great in Fall colors
    4. I haven’t made a shawl for her yet
    5. She would LOVE this shawl
    6. She’s one of my few family members who SUPPORT my own knitting/yarn habits!

    BTW~ keep writing this blog…you make so many folks smile!

  3. Jen Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful shawl. I think it looks fetching right where it is, in fact. 🙂

  4. Caitlin Says:

    I would pass it on to my step daughter’s grandmother. She’s an amazing woman who’s very generous with her time and works tirelessly to make everyone feel loved.

  5. Cinnamon Says:

    That is gorgeous, and so is your model! I can think of two people that would both appreciate the shawl, and love having it. One is a wonderful older lady (early 70’s)who has been knitting for years and is so generous, she gives everything away, but has just been diagnosed by congestive heart failure. Even with that diagnosis she just keeps going on like nothing has changed.
    The other woman is such a perfectionist and would never let anyone see her fail or make a mistake. She puts a ton of pressure on herself and always presents this perfect face to the world, but I think in her unguarded moments she is dead tired, and tired of being ‘perfect’.
    Sorry, going for an epic comment, but I also had to throw in there that i love your blog where you say whatever you feel. It’s refreshing. And I like your F.O.s.

  6. Melynda Says:

    Just coming to say happy 1- year anniversary. FPK will have theirs in a couple months :). The ‘tosh looks beautiful- did you love working with it? As far as suggesting someone to give it to, I’ll come back if I can think of anyone deserving enough!

  7. Noirin Says:

    Hey Steven

    Massive congrats, its a really wonderful blog!! Breithlá shona duit!!

  8. Debora Says:

    Hi, I think you should give it to Catrina or CatReading on Ravelry! She knits such beautiful shawls and wraps or anything for that matter. Then after knitting them up, she models them and takes lovely photos.

  9. knittingdancer on Ravelry Says:

    I would like my sister (Patsy) to win this shawl. She nevers win any of the contests on Ravelry.

  10. Tina Says:

    Give it to my momma! She might be moving half-way across the country, leaving me and her two grandbabies behind :(. I’m sure she would love to have something beautiful to hug her shoulders in our absence.

  11. debjac Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Gorgeous shawl. I’d love to see it go to RedDaLeftyKnitter over on Ravelry. A great person with a heart of gold. Always giving away her knits and helping out charities. Kind of person I wish I was but I’m not.

  12. Bley Says:

    This shawl would be beautiful on my dear friend who just found out she’s expecting her first child. She’s got gorgeous auburn hair, and that brown is THE perfect color for her. I know she’d love to wear it as she awaits the new baby!

  13. Kristen Says:

    You should give it to my sister, Erica. We only see each other once or twice a year since she lives in Florida and I live in Minnesota. Her birthday was last month and she said that she doesn’t really need anything, but that’s no fun. She’s my “little” sister but she’s definitely the more “together” of the two of us. Yesterday was her second wedding anniversary. I think she should have this shawl to wear on the cool winter evenings in FL and for when she comes to visit family in MN.

  14. Beautiful shawl! A friend of mine just had beautiful twin babies. Born at 35 weeks. They are lovely and thriving, but the poor mama. Her kids are in the hospital, she has other kids at home, so she’s always running back and forth from the hospital and the house trying to take care of everyone. I’d love to send her this beautiful shawl to cheer her up and brighten her day.

  15. depravedDyer Says:

    I also think it’s lovely right where it is. Really great photo shoot. Love. love. love.

  16. depravedDyer Says:


    Happy Anniversary dearest bitch.

  17. Sam Says:

    Happy anniversary!! The photos are amazing.

    As soon as I saw the color of the shawl and your giveaway I thought of my friend Jill. She lost her husband almost a year ago today to cancer. They were a young, amazing couple with a two year old little girl. She’s handled the whole thing so gracefully, she’s a wonder. I feel terrible because I wanted to make her a prayer shawl the whole time he was having chemo and life with little kids got in the way. Your shawl is perfect for her.

    You make the most beautiful stuff!

  18. Hey Stephen – Happy Blogiversary! I think you should give it to Karen C’s Mom. I was in her role a couple of years ago & it’s no picnic. She needs a love shawl.

  19. Oops! I can’t believe I spelled your name wrong! So sorry, Steven!

  20. Thanks for sharing on Rav! I would love to be able to give this to my Aunt. She has been a single mother (and widow) to her 3 kids for over 20 years, and this September she is finally marrying again after dedicating herself solely to them until they were adults. She deserves some luxury handknit love 🙂 She is the kind of person I strive to be for my children.

    I know whoever ends up with this shawl will deserve it a million times over, thanks for reminding us all to spread the love.

    Li x

  21. Karen A Says:

    I actually don’t know who you should give this gorgeous shawl… I just discovered your work today when you posted the lovely pics on MT forum on Ravelry. You knit beautifully!

    Thanks for sharing! And it’s lovely that you are gifting this lovely shawl. Have a great day!

  22. Lynae Says:

    I don’t have any ideas who should get it either, I just wanted to say HI!

  23. Gretchen Says:

    And why wouldn’t you give it to Tina? Okay, it’s not her yarn, but she has clothes that she hasn’t dyed herself (I think…). It just has that nice sense of closure. Plus, I think that color would look great on her!

  24. Kimberly Says:

    I think it should be for my sister. Why? because she has been there for me since forever. Not just because she is my sister, but she has been there to take care of me when it was just her, me and mom. Mom worked 2 jobs to keep us afloat and my sister was the one to care for me. She was there when my first son was born and i lived to far from home for anyone to be with me. She was there for me when our mom died and all our brothers and sisters lived to far to come help, again it was me, her and mom.

    we stood together when they took my mom away because nobody else could be there to see her passed away. we stood together on so many occasions and she has been my saviour and my best friend when i had nobody else. If anyone deserves something as beautiful as this, it would be her, she deserves way more then a shawl, she deserves a medal of honour in my eyes, but something like this would be the topping on the cake.

    thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us Steven. Your an angel xx

  25. InJuneau Says:

    Beautiful shawl, Steven! And thanks for the chance for a gift giveaway to someone.

    I would like to suggest that you send it to my friend Beth. She just lost her youngest son, just 18 years old, in a senseless car wreck when he was on his way to meet the family at a function. He was less than a mile from the turnoff and went off the road, possibly due to swerving to avoid hitting an animal. He was the most open and loving and wonderful kid, and I know that it’s taking all of Beth’s grace and will to keep it together. She has a heart big enough to love everyone, but I know that she needs love right now too, more than ever. I’m doing what I can, but a shawl of love couldn’t hurt (and I’m not there yet on being able to knit one for her myself!).

  26. you know who Says:

    I think it should stay with V. as a thank you for putting up with your knitting obsession and because models get to keep the clothes once in awhile if they are a “Top Model” and V surely is that!!!

  27. KT Says:

    I think you should give it to the Harlot because she shined her beautiful light on you. And she kicks ass. Let’s not forget her silk thread warnings, trying her best to keep you from danger. Or gift it to Tina because she is really going through a copper phase and who doesn’t like making Tina happy?

    Love ya Bitch- KT

  28. m. Says:

    happy anniversary!
    what a lovely shawl! I think it should go to Jessiebird on ravelry, because she was the one who encouraged me to try knitting shawls (yay!), and her blog (especially entries with her ornery cat Milo) have been brightening my life for several years now. I think it would be awesome for her to get a shawl from the blogiverse, so to speak.
    thanks for doing this! I’m new to your blog so will poke around a bit more!

  29. Juliet in Grand Rapids Says:

    Happy Blogaversary!

    Your blog is a winner because you are authenticate, sincere, and very generous.

    So far deciding the worthy beneficiary is not for the faint of heart (good luck, but you can do it).

  30. Andrea Says:

    Oh my gosh! That shawl is GORGEOUS! Im sure there are so many people worthy of an awesome gift like that. BUT, I think you should give it to my long time friend, Sarah. Sarah’s been going through some pretty rough life changes. She’s divorced at the ripe old age of 26 and trying to figure out what the heck to do with her life. She’s loosing her passion for the work she has done since she finished college and I guess is kind of at a crossroads in her life. I’ve known this girl since we were in kindergarten and while we can drive each other crazy, we’re also each other’s support! I know she would love and cherish a handmade gift that was made so painstakingly. And besides, I would become the most awesome friend ever if I was able to convince you to send it to her 🙂

  31. Brooke Says:

    Hi, I am BrookeKnits on Rav, and was in group 3 at the Silk Retreat..I’m the one who asked about your tats in the dye class..Who should you give the beautiful shawl to?? I think I need to nominate my daughter, Jenn. Let me tell you about her: She is wicked smart – completed college in 3 years, got her masters in economics her 4th and now, she teaches mico and macro economics. She is also due to have her first baby this October. She’s 26 and the most amazing young woman you’d want to meet. Here is why she is super amazing.. In December 2008, her big brother was killed. She got on a plane and flew home within hours. She was our rock.. No little sister should ever have to help plan her big brother’s funeral – or help make calls to his Army buddies (he was home on leave). But she did – and more. She appreciates the handknits I’ve made for her (dress from Interweave knits, lacey thong undies and now countless baby items). I admire her for her smarts, but she is my hero for being such a strong young woman when her mom and dad were at their all time lowest. Words are not enough to express to you how amazing I think my little girl is. When I told her I did not think we could “do” the holidays this last year, she said “I’ll call you back” and 30 minutes later she did, with plans for both Thanksgiving and Christmas that included space for us to “hide-out” if our emotions got the best of us. I love that kid to the moon and back.

  32. Alexis Hayman Says:

    The shawl is beautiful! I would love for it to go to my sister-in-law who is currently pregnant. She would look beautiful in that color and it would be a nice way to thank her for being so great- and giving me a new niece!

  33. nancy Says:

    Why, Veronica, of course! It’s gorgeous on her and
    she has shoes that match.

    By the way, how do you keep your figure with her
    scrumptious yummies in forking distance? Did you see that photo of her Triple Chocolate Tart?!

    Ciao for niao!

  34. Andrea Y-Jones Says:


    Tell V she looks fabulous!


    Your favorite red-headed Mexican bitch. 🙂

  35. Sheri Says:

    This is a spectacular idea.

    I nominate my neighbor Pat. She is a woman in her 80s and she used to knit most of her life until her arthritis got so bad that she had to stop. (She donated all her yarn, needles and everything else to a senior center so others could keep on knitting)

    A bit more about Pat, despite living off the remainder of retirement funds from her deceased husband, she has spent a small fortune taking care of all the stray kitties in the neighborhood for 25 years (since she moved here). Feeding them, looking after them, orchestrating huge catch and release projects to get them all neutered so they would stop bringing more homeless kittens into the world who would most likely perish in early life (We live near Seattle, it rains nonstop and is awful weather for the homeless — even kitties — to be in).

    I have been her next door neighbor for just over ten years now and have never once seen her children visit her (they live in another state), and only a couple of neighbors here, like myself, look out for her. A few weeks ago her only real companion left, her 10 year old kitty La Bouche, was killed by racoons. She’s really lonely now.

    I would love to see someone do something completely selfless and random for her. She is so friendly and gregarious, and I try to give her little things (holiday cards, cookies, meals, or just pick milk up for her, etc) but no one is really looking out for her aside from two others here. I think she is definitely worthy of a beautiful shawl, if only to know that someone out there thought of her and she might feel less alone.


  36. Firstly, I am honored that Anna said I should receive the shawl. But really? That’s not my color.

    I am tempted not to say who the shawl should go to, because other people have given great reasons. Who wouldn’t want a shawl to hug them when they’ve moved away from their grandbabies? And Karen C. has such a compelling story. Honestly? Veronica also looks totally awesome wearing it. (But seriously, we know that Veronica would look totally awesome wearing a fig leaf. Or three.)

    But I’m going to anyway.

    Linda. Because she made you laugh, because she makes me laugh, and perhaps if we entice her with a shawl, she’ll actually make the drive down to see us!! 😀

  37. Monica Says:

    My stepsister Maria in Lynden, WA would love this. Not only does she love copper and jeweltones, but she is a crocheter and would really appreciate the handiwork. The real reason though – she’s been stuck in bed with really bad vertigo for over a week now, so bad she’s unable to crochet more than 3-4 sts at a time and can’t sit up for more than 5 minutes. Something like this would really perk her up!

  38. Sarah Says:

    I don’t have any idea who you should give it to (other than someone worthy!), but I just wanted to tell you how gorgeous it turned out. Which bind off did you end up using?

  39. Austin Val Says:

    Give it to Stephanie–it’s a Harloty colo(u)r, and dare I say, a bit lacy.

  40. Gavi Says:

    Your shawl is beautiful. I think it should go to Sharon Polansky. She was my first accounting professor and was a mentor to me. That first semester she taught her classes while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. She still managed to have the energy to be an engaging professor. She is also the graduate coordinater at my university and helped me through the process of getting into the Master’s program. She cared enough to recommend me for the job I hold now. She is a sweet, caring, and strong woman.

    P.S. She is also a diehard UT Longhorn and that shawl is definately Burnt Orange.

  41. Sara Says:

    Wow. Everyone knows someone who really deserves a beautiful free shawl. I do too. But I’m already knitting for my good needy people.

    I’d like to win this shawl for my cousin, who is like a sister to me. She’s spoiled already, a mama of three, budding photographer. I’d like to win this for her simply because I haven’t had time to knit for her, she lives in Alabama so it has be lightweight, and I think this color would be stunning on her. She has beautiful glowing tan skin, chocolate brown hair, and the most incredible green/copper/gold hazel eyes. With a flash of a white smile. She’s lovely, and your beautiful shawl would look amazing on her.

    Good luck choosing! Awful lotta heartstring-tugging goin’ on… :o)

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  43. Bobbie in AK Says:


    I just found your little bloggy via French Press Knits. Love it! I am not entering your contest, just wanted comment and say that I am adding you to my faves!

    BTW.. Gorgeous, gorgeous shawl.

  44. nicole Says:

    The shawl is beautiful, and it would look even more beautiful wrapped around my very giving lady friend who is about to finally have her first child after 28 years of trying. The woman is a saint and has saved my life one-hundred times, and though I could never repay her even with my own life for all that she’s done, something like this is truly a thing she would love in my absence. Something that could hug her for me while we are over 400 miles apart, to let her know I am there with her through her high risk pregnancy. Thank you for offering this up!

  45. knitwonpurltoo Says:

    I would like my Heidi to get the shawl. She is a modern mother in America, trying to make ends meet on less money (like others), but with a wicked sense of humor. She is raising three girls and has a wonderful husband. My Heidi needs the shawl because I think it would make her feel as beautiful as she really is. It is a beautiful beautiful shawl.

  46. Su1282 Says:

    It’s beautiful…and a bit lacey. Judith.

    Need I say more?

    Congrats on your blogaversary!

  47. Valerie Says:

    I think it should go to my mom.
    1) She patiently knit garments for me when I was a kid, even though she didn’t like the pattern, the yarn, etc that I had picked out (this is huge for me – I totally wont knit something I don’t like)
    2) She taught me how to knit when I was little, then patiently waited for me to love knitting all over again when I hit my 20s
    3) she lets me steal from her stash
    4) she fixes my mistakes
    5) she seams my garments for me (that’s huge too!)
    6) she’s the best knitter I’ve ever seen
    7) she’s my mom and I love her!

  48. heideho Says:

    Happy bloggiversary! This has got to be one of the most beautiful shawls ever! I would give this to my mother so she had something beautiful to wear in the evenings when it gets cold. My parents heat their home with a woodstove and once the fire goes out it gets chilly rather quickly so she ends up going to bed to read under the covers.

  49. turtle Says:

    Sweet, the Yvonne answer!

    But… I would also love to see it go to my mom.

    1. Her birthday is Sept 1
    2. She raised me as a single parent and was wonderful
    3. She always does things for others before herself
    4. She loves to craft but would never get to be able to do a complete shawl.
    5. cause she gave birth to me!

  50. Saff Says:

    I’m not sure I’m really entering the giveaway but I do want to say that I think the shawl is stunning – what a lovely colour (and it shows off the pattern really well I think).

    Maybe I should enter the giveaway too… I think you should give the shawl to my friend Helena who:

    1)is a knitter and so would appreciate the work that has gone into it as well as the colour and squishyness and other usual stuff

    2)has just broken up with her turd of a boyfriend. They’d been living together for a long time whilst he dithered between her and another girl so whilst I’m glad he’s gone she’s still quite upset. A good piece of knitting would make her smile 🙂

  51. Heather in WV Says:

    I really like to read your blog and was equally happy to meet you at the silk retreat. The most deserving person I know who would love something wonderful and handmade is… my stepmother Wendy. She just put up with our annual family reunion-45 descending relatives, with grace, good humor and style, all while suffering a torn something-or-other in her knee. She is the best thing next to my dear departed mother. And she appreciates handknitting.

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  53. Karen O Says:

    I think you should give it to Heide (#49, above). She’s seriously one of the most amazing people I ever met, has more energy than a house monkey on speed, cares for three delightful daughters, married to a military man, served our country herself in the Air Force, fosters kitties and is the most generous, thoughtful people I ever met. She knits, too! She’s got a wicked sense of humor (ask about the home-made “poi” whose main ingredient was toilet paper) and thinks this shawl is “seriously…a gorgeous prize”. And her birthday was a couple weeks ago, so this would totally save my butt for not getting her anything.
    Happy bloggiversary!

  54. Rachael Says:

    I think it should go to my good friend, my almost-twin, and knitter-extraordinaire, Laura. She would love it and treasure it, and (most importantly) would share, even though it’s not at all my kind of color, and I might not return it. And she deserves it because scissors have been involved in the finishing of her last 3 knitted sweaters (and none of that was intended when she began said garments…)

  55. Pam Says:

    I would love to see this shawl go to my dear friend, Tracy. For the last 2 years Tracy’s sister has been battling cancer. A very rare, no answers, no guesses as to what might work, cancer. She lost her battle just after her 40th birthday just 3 short weeks ago. Tracy has dropped everything and driven to Illinois from Oklahoma on more than one occassion to help take care of her sister’s children when her sister had to be air-lifted to Mayo Hospital. She drove to Illinois, picked up her eldest nephew, brought him back to Oklahoma and 3 days later took him to Missouri so he could register for college. Tracy has done so much for her sister and now she’s having trouble grieving. I knitte Tracy a shrug to act as a hug from me. But now, if she were to get this shawl from someone who lives in Illinois, it might make things connect for her. I love this lovely lady dearly and live too far away to be at her side right now. She could use something to wrap herself in.

  56. Rachel Says:

    This is the first time I’ve read your blog but I love it already! I love the idea of sending it to Meg Swansen for shits and giggles but after reading some of the comments, I think there are better options for recipients. I will be visiting your blog again! I actually found you in the Rhinebeck Bingo group so if you’re going to be a square, I’ll have to track you down and we can meet face to face! Can’t wait til October!!!

  57. bookLish Says:

    1. Happy Blogoversary! Congratulations from Canada:) I’ve been following for almost 6 months now, and you’ve cracked my fave 3 along with the can’t miss Harlot & the inspiring Knitspot… Bitch I LUV you
    2. That shawl is STUNNING!
    3. I originally thought you should give that beautiful shawl to someone you know, so that you get to see how much they enjoy it, but after reading Brooke’s post about her daugher… my goodnes the eyes are still leaking ! I don’t even know them and I want to give them hugs. Which is wierd, I’m so NOT a hugger
    What has struck me after scrolling through the posts is how many of us know people who could use a dose of kindness. Myself I know a couple of people who could use a dose of some hand stitched love. My assistant Jen, is one of 4 kids and she single-handedly supports her parents (her mom is on extended cardiac therapy after not 1 but 2 very nearly fatal heart attacks in the past year; her dad is also on disability and waiting for a surgery date to repair an artery). she is so strong. She’s also always cold and I have a pair of Anne’s Longjohn socks on the needles for her birthday next week in her favourite colour.
    The other person in my life who deserves some hand knit love is my good friend Merry Anne. She has 2 beautiful daughters. Both have asthma & allergies, but her youngest has a disorder of the esophagus which means she can barely eat anything. No nuts, soy, dairy, eggs, gluten and more. Obviously, this has been a trial, and just getting the doctors to listen to her has been a battle, but she just keeps pushing forward with such strength, fortitude & patience that it humbles me, and makes me SO proud to call her my friend.
    The the short story in this ramble is that I have been inspired. I was already making something for Jen, and I’ve decided I’ll make something for Merry (& her girls too!) probably red, not for Christmas, or a birthday, but just because I think they’re awesome, and I’m glad they are in my life.
    Fellow bitches… gauntlet dropped, I dare you to do the same! Or not, it’s a free country, but just imagine their smile when you give them something soft, warm, and snuggly just because … they deserve it.

  58. kellyblur Says:

    Happy bloggiversary! I saw about this contest from Heidi at Serendipitous Opportuknitty so I think she should win. I’ve met Heidi a couple of times and she is so much fun. She even took a day to meet up with us and drive us all on a yarn crawl. The sacrifice that she made to do that! LOL! Also, she is the mom to 3 girls, a teacher, and a wife of a reservist. She needs a little something special.

  59. Chia Tsao Says:

    I would like to give this shawl to my mother because she (with my father) left her whole family and career to move to America so that I could have a better life and education. This might sound like an “I used to walk 3 miles up a hill to school story” but it is true. She used to walk 3 miles in the snow in dangerous Newark, NJ to buy us groceries at the Shop-Rite because we had no car. We had no heat. The first number I learned to read was “25” because we lived across the street from a peepshow place. She was a teacher but in the US had to wait tables at fast food Chinese restaurants from 10 am to after midnight. Despite all of this she thinks she hasn’t accomplished anything! Within the last several years, her youngest sister, only 40, and my grandparents passed away at different times. She had only seen them again 4 times since moving to America 26 years ago. My mother withstood being mugged and harassed to raise me and I want something strong and beautiful (like my mother) to give to her.

  60. Teri Says:

    Lee B.

    the color is perfect for her, the style would suit her and you’d still get to see it from time to time.

  61. Kathy Says:

    Hmmmm… I think that you could give it to:

    1. Veronique – who is always beautiful and does looks stunning in it.

    2. My Mom, who loves the idea of knitting, but is really quite horrible at it because of a bad teacher, fibromyalcia and arthritis. Well, actually, her work is very pretty, but there are some mistakes (bad teacher) and it takes her forever (needing frequent rests for muscle fatigue) and has currently given up knitting, which makes me very, very sad. She wanted to learn to knit so she could make my dad socks that fit (he wears 13s) and make herself a sweater. A hat can take her a couple months to finish. I want to get her knitting lessons, but I need to call her local store to see if the do lessons. Shes pretty frugal, so she sure wouldn’t buy herself Madelintosh. I bought her a skein of Brooks Farm and she kept working with it again and again looking for the perfect project because it was “too nice” for just anything. Anyway, maybe she’ll get her knitting mojo back? See how awesome knitters are and open up a new, fresh approach to knitting? That would be awesome.

  62. Kathy Says:

    And, not to go against my own vote, but after reading all the other posts, I would say to consider Sheri’s entry too. The older lady in her neighborhood sounds good and caring and I think it’s sad that she lost her cat companion and her family doesn’t visit.

  63. Pam Says:

    Steven, you really need to put a ‘like’ button on your blog somewhere. And an ‘agree’ button. Or maybe I need to spend less time on Ravelry. Naw. That’s just not gonna happen. Whether Tracy gets your lovely shawl or not, I still love you, bitch!

  64. jana Says:

    i would gift it to my mum, as she likes wooly, soft things, had made a lot of them when she was younger and now whe is unable to make alrge projects herself.

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