writers’ block or i think i’ll knit a row on kelli’s shawl

July 21, 2010

i find that sometimes i get writers’ block.
and for days i worry that the few people who actually read what i write on here, will forget me and delete me from their rss feed.
if i’m truly honest with myself,
i know that’s what i’d do.

so i scour ravelry for inspiration.
read a bunch of seriously terrible knitting blogs,
and say to myself, “shit! someone’s got to write something more interesting than that!” (let’s be real. not everyone who knits can write)
then i feel bad, and worry that i’m one of those people.

so i move on, and continue my summer re-reading of stephanie’s blog,
(currently in september of ’04. i’m a bit behind)
and really start feeling bad about my writing.
then i feel blasphemous that,
after only a couple meetings,
i’ve dropped her rightful title,
and i’m referring to her as stephanie.
or worse yet (gods protect me)

the brazen familiarity horrifies me and my sense of knitterly decorum.

then i realize that it’s 3 bloody am and i need to get a grip.
(i blame an overdose of lasagna)

and suddenly it dawns on me i have too much in the way of knitterly things to write about currently, and i’ll just have to do my best to cover it all.


you may remember my boast of starting a blog project called “project ten” where i pose ten questions to what i call the ravelry generation.
it’s basically those fibery people who inspire me, who i want to meet, or i’m jealous of.

that kind of thing.

i’m happy to announce that the first installment comes out this week.
i am thoroughly stoked.

back in early may,
i undertook a stupid challenge.
two of my fellow worker bees started a knit along;
the stora dimun knit along.

as someone who generally wants to fit in,
i thought about joining in the supposed “fun”
but with a shawl that begins with 449 stitches,
i knew i couldn’t afford the yarn,
and couldn’t think who would want the finished item.

my dear friend kelli, whom i love,
said she wanted it but would never knit it.
at least not in a timely manner.
kelli is my mother-sister-auntie,
from day one she’s been like family in a state where i have no kin,
there was no question that i would knit this for her.
plus she was springing for the yarn.

but this shawl is epic.
and mostly plain garter stitch.

(that’s one wing or half the shawl. just to give an idea of scale)

so i’ve been unbelievably unfaithful to it.
i’ve worked on it off and on, but with little joy.
i cast it aside heartlessly for the juneberry for stephanie,
and knit only one row when i was on my retreat.

i decided when i got home,
a meer seven days ago,
i’d work on it furiously,
to honor my love for the kelli,
and to get the fucker off my needles.
it’s all i am going to knit till it’s done.

three days ago i cast on another juneberry triangle.
another gift for a semi-secret recipient.
my roomie will attest that i have declared my personal motto of this summer to be, “i have no shame.”

this is a case in point.
(stats – blue moon luscious silk in the “manly yes, but i like it too” colorway, size 7 (4.5mm) needle)

i think i’ll go knit a row on kelli’s shawl.

but before i go, i want to leave you with a tid bit of gossip.
you may remember that several people have complained about the second chart of the juneberry triangle, i being one of the loudest. the chief complaint is i paid a ton of money for this little canadian magazine, and i deserve a fullly charted pattern, not “work the established pattern into the shawl as new stitches become available remembering that you can only work the yarn over if there are enough stiches to do it’s corresponding decreases.”

don’t even get me started on yarn overs and corresponding decreases!

however! floating around the internets is a copy of the complete second chart, a document supposedly elimnated by the st-denis magazine’s tech editor.

i may or may not have it in my possesion
and i may or may not be able to tell you where to get it.

all i can say is,
if you want to knit this pattern without tears,
find yourself a copy.

à bientôt bitches

7 Responses to “writers’ block or i think i’ll knit a row on kelli’s shawl”

  1. LB Says:

    I read whenever you pop up in my RSS feed, and I promise to not delete you for skipping a day (or 7). Mostly because you’re snarky and smart ass and talented knitter – basically all the things I aspire to be. Laurie

  2. Teri Says:

    i’ve conferred with Garfield, there is no such thing as an overdose of lasagna.

  3. Yvonne Says:

    While Teri believes there is no such thing as an overdose of lasagne, I heartily disagree. I’ve had an overdose of lasagne and it involved tight pants and bloody nightmares. Don’t make me relive it.

    With regard to the stora dimun, you knew it would be epic. You knew going in that it was 449 stitches. I know you can finish it. I do, however, have my doubts that you’ll knit on it monogamously. Prove me wrong, Sensei.

  4. Anna Says:

    I picked mine back up again! I actually enjoyed knitting the four rows I completed!

  5. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    I also promise not to delete you, even when you’re MIA in the writing world. And, I like you enough that I’ve mentioned you in two online threads on a new community forum in my town: one under my own name:

    And one that I ghost wrote for our LYS owner:

    So, you have die hard fans in Conifer, CO that think you rock.

    Good luck on that massive bitch of a shawl.

  6. Kimberly Says:

    I always read you no matter what! And I would never delete you my fellow Pennsylvanian. I actually have a bit of gossip myself…2 of Jared Floods friends were at my Knit group tonight! I about died. How I wish I could meet him. On to the juneberry triangle..where-tf is the full chart???????? haha

    luv n’ smooches from the stitch bitch on the other side of Pa 😉

  7. Kimberly Says:

    I can’t find the chart. I might cry

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