i have a need*

July 29, 2010

and it’s still for beads.
however, the need has changed
in that it has become more literal.

you see, i did another repeat on the shawl,

and these are all the beads i have left.

i have a couple more repeats to go,
and then a lace edging.
the bead store i go to has none,
and can’t get any until next month!
does anyone have roughly 324 miyuki seed beads?
size 6/0
color 135


and now, to counteract my craziness, a baby alpaca.

say hello to sally’s new baby jezebel.
i love that all the aunties came to see the new baby.

hopefully there’ll be a little baby boy alpaca next year . . .

. . . named steven.

seriously though,
send me beads.