bottoms up!

April 20, 2010

in ten days, i’ll be headed to the maryland sheep and wool festival.
this will be my first fiber arts festival and i am totally stoked.
(my life is so small. please don’t judge me)

while it’s not as big as rhinebeck,
it’s supposed to be a pretty big deal.

for a while now, i’ve been hearing people (especially certain coworkers) talking about what they’ll be wearing to maryland.
apparently, wearing an exceptional hand knit is key.

i thought it was all about sheep and shopping.
evidently, it’s a “see and be seen” kinda thing too.

so i decided to make these bad boys by craig hunter.
i recently came upon his work on the internets and absolutely love his aesthetic.


do you think i’ll get noticed?

9 Responses to “bottoms up!”

  1. lisabee Says:

    oh, dear. i guess that a modeled shot would spoil the impact for later, huh?

    i can’t wait to go!

  2. Caitlin Says:

    This pattern is so totally cute, I can not wait for the picture of you in them. Testes get vesties?

  3. Yvonne Says:

    I love it. I am speaking with Annette right now about the shirts…!

  4. V. Says:

    I’m dying for a pair.

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  6. Michelle Says:

    THESE ARE AMAZING! With those colors, you’re sure to be a show stopper!

  7. Elissa Says:

    Nice, it will definitely get you noticed. My first trip to Rhinebeck I went with a friend, we quickly decided to divide and conquer and agreed to meet up later in the day. I was sitting with my few purchases at the end of the day waiting for my friend when a throng of ladies ran up to me all squealing, poking through my bags, wanting to know what I bought. I did not know these people, they hadn’t (as I first thought) confused me with someone they knew. It is just what people do at these things. Thousands upon thousands of enablers. It is glorious but dangerous. Enjoy!

  8. meg Says:

    1. do leg lifts, short shorts are a privilege, not a right.
    2. do short shorts go with wellies? ’cause, holy SMOKE Rhinebeck and MDSW are notorious for being either unseasonably hot or unseasonably wet.
    3. how does one accessorize glowing shorts?

    Enjoy, a fiber festival is overwhelming and WONDERFUL!

  9. babelbabe Says:

    ha! my first thought, before I clicked through to the link, was, “But I really hoped he was going to make those shorts he talked about!” You ROCK, and you made my day : )

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