tick tock

April 14, 2010

my former manager had her baby
he decided he couldn’t wait to see the world and popped out a couple weeks early. (pushy little bugger).

so i used him as an excuse to knit something new.

i kinda want to die it’s so cute

(the pattern is cisco, the yarn is tosh dk in the parchment colorway and tosh sock in toast colorway)

the pattern is free but you get what you pay for. there are some errors and, even though i was getting gauge, it would have covered his wee eyes if i’d kept knitting. since i’d already modified the pattern, i decided keep making it my own by adding a single crochet edging and i-cord ties.

i’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

i’ve never really thought of myself as a baby person.
being single, twenty five, with no foreseeable access to a uterus,
i tend not to think about them.

but when one reaches a certain age,
it’s inevitable that babies are going to start springing up all around you.
i’d argue being a knitter intensifies this phenomenon
what with all the extra women about.

this new baby and playing a pretty hilarious game of “kaboom” with anna’s three year old henry, has made me realize something:

not all kids suck.

i guess i’m growing as a person.
(does anyone else hear that ticking?)