and the winner is . . .

April 11, 2010

i couldn’t believe how many people entered the girasole contest.
i had to honor that by making a bit of a to do about it.
and in order to be fair,
i had to have someone impartial pick the number

this is my roomie, veronica

she graciously agreed not to enter so she could pick the number.

(and wear an evening gown and pumps)

we had quite a photo shoot for this one

(we were cracking up the whole time)

but you don’t really care about that, do you?

you want to know who won, right?

well, we have a winner


congratulations shara!
her comment was hilarious too:

i totally want that, i’ll trade you a kidney for it….or part of my liver, if you’re not too particular.

that won’t be necessary.
mine work just fine.

and thanks again to everyone who played.
i’m sure i’ll make something else one day that i’ll need to give away.

xoxo bitches!

10 Responses to “and the winner is . . .”

  1. Megan Says:

    I hate you…but I love Veronica’s necklace.

  2. Sarah H Says:

    Congrats to the winner! I just loved the pictures of V! She looks gorgeous! I love the necklace!

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  4. jill Says:

    Jealous! But, congratulations, shara — I laughed at your comment too.

    Great buildup, and beautiful pictures!

  5. turtle Says:

    laughing at megan’s response above!!

    congrats shara! Luv the drama of the reveal, and i will forever think of the girasole as the bitch shawl!

  6. Shara Says:

    Dude….I totally wasn’t kidding about that Kidney!! I am so excited about this!!! Thank you!!

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  8. the Lady Says:

    Wow, your roomie is Hawt.
    Surfed over from the Harlot, enjoying the reading!

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