bitch is blocked!

April 9, 2010

first of all, i want to say thanks to all the people commenting on my last post. you’ve been so great.

here are some of my favorites:

kes says
pick me!! oh, can canucks enter? if so, me!

of course! i love my north american neighbors.
i’ll definitely spring for the international shipping.

karen says:
if you want to give it to me, i’d love it! it can join my girasole which is about 8″ across!

somehow karen, i can’t help but think you’re rubbing it in.

erin says
hell yes i would love to win this! enjoy your soupçon of debauchery, too. a blocking party is a good idea.
(ps your chicago knitters miss you.)

erin is from the knitting group i started in chicago
i miss you bitches too!

but these two, they’re my kind of bitches!

brooke says:
i want your girasole, bitch!
stacey says:
you other bitches are not worthy of such a beautiful girasole! I want to win it!

(love the attitude ladies!)

a couple people said i should simply take out the edging and add some repeats. voilà! bigger girasole.

i wish you could see the stink eye i’m giving you right now.

and way too many of you said you’d never be able to knit it.
i’m shocked at your lack of confidence.
while the project is indeed epic,
it’s a simple knit, with great charts.
i know any one of you could do it.

anyhoo, here’s the real story

yvonne, nancy, kelli, and david lent me their hands. . . .

some pins,

a few blocking wires,

20 minutes later, the bitch was blocked!

i can’t believe how fast it went.

nancy found some time to quilt…

(david was suitably impressed)

then i held up my end of the bargain

i fed my friends.

let me tell you, it was a blast!

the next day,

all dry and ready

i laid it out for the obligatory ravelry shot

(please note petey, my roomie’s chief of security)

after blocking, it grew from 4 to 5.5 feet across.
i have to admit, it came out beautifully.
i’ll be sad to see it go.

but i know it’ll find a lovely home with whomever wins it.
see you sunday!

14 Responses to “bitch is blocked!”

  1. Chia Tsao Says:

    That bitch is making me hot! Can’t wait until the drawing.

  2. ~margaret Says:

    Wow! It is even more amazing when blocked. You rule!

  3. Kevin Says:

    Oh my, it’s so lovely!

    It’s so great to know that people still make things.

  4. Megan Says:

    I want it. Give it to me. (I’m not saying this with a whine or in a kind way, but more of an I’ll-cut-you way.)

  5. Yvonne Says:

    Glad to be part of the fun! I’m glad you’re not disqualifying close friends and members of the blocking party from the contest. Not that I have a snowball’s chance in hell, with my luck, but hey…there’s hope!

  6. anne Says:

    you guys have way too much fun…a blocking party? what a novel idea.

  7. Andrea Says:

    I need this blanket! It would be the perfect size for me so I’m willing it to come to me….

  8. Elissa Says:


  9. 2muchfun Says:

    Twenty minutes? It took you 20 minutes to block that puppy? Oh dear Bob! I can’t even begin to pin in 20 minutes. My first lace wrap was blocked 3 times before I finally liked the way it looked. Twenty minutes, eh? You are cordially invited to my next block party…. first I’ll have to knit some lace.

  10. turtle Says:

    that looks great! (and what a fun blocking party…. did i miss the cocktail shots?) grin

  11. Craniac Says:

    Truly an honor to be a pinner at the party, sharing the evening with fine food, friends, laughing and making plans. My plan is to prepare a Swedish feast for fiber friends if I win. But I have already won just by being included! Do sheep know what joy they bring to us?!

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  13. Louise Says:

    I already commented on the giveaway post, but after looking at this all blocked I got this excellent idea – wouldn’t it be perfect for curling?



    (But don’t fret – I would never actually use it for that. It’s the wrong colour.)

  14. AM Says:

    On the previous Girasole post, you said, “this failure is all my own. (but the fact that you have to fudge the last stitch in the edging is jared flood’s.)”

    I wonder if you skipped directly from chart G to chart H. There are some written, non-charted directions that use up 1 of the 640 stitches before you start chart H, leaving you with 639. You use up 3 of the 639 stitches in each repeat of chart H. 639/3=213 (points/repeats). I may be wrong, as I haven’t started the edging yet. I am trying to practice it first because I am a little intimidated by it. But if I end up with a final stitch I have to fudge, I’ll know I’m not alone and that it won’t be noticeable, because yours looks great!

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