the best laid plans.

April 4, 2010

i have some good news, some not so good news, and some pretty interesting news.

the good news – i finished the girasole

the not so good news – it’s not as big as i wanted it to be

it’s measuring out to be about 4 feet across.
i’m guessing that i can block it out to about 5 feet.
i wanted it to be at least 6 feet in diameter.

though i’d really love to blame the pattern or the designer, this one was all me. when i started, i knew i wanted to make the blanket, not the shawl. the pattern calls for a aran weight. i subbed in a worsted. the pattern called for a 10.5 but that was WAY to big for the yarn i had chosen.

so i used a 9.

plus, i’m a tight knitter.

this failure is all my own.

(but the fact that you have to fudge the last stitch in the edging is jared flood’s. take that!)

i recognize that it’s beautiful and i put a ton of hard work into this project. but the fact is, it’s like making a sweater that doesn’t fit. you gotta give it to someone it does.

which brings me to my pretty interesting news.
i’m giving it away to you!
that’s right, you can win my girasole.
(totally inspired by the yarn harlot’s most recent giveaway post)

the rules of the first bitches.get.stitches giveaway:

  • leave a comment
  • your comment = your number
  • i’ll have an impartial person draw a random number and that person will get the girasole!

we’re on the honor system here people.
i can’t stop you from making a bunch of fake emails and pseudonyms and commenting like crazy. but i trust you bitches.

i’m having some friends/coworkers over on wendnesday to block this bitch. there will be feasting, conviviality, and perhaps a soupçon of debauchery.

and maybe some pinning. maybe.
the drawing will be sunday sunday sunday
(april 11, 2010)

so bitches,

who wants it?

edit: thanks for playing everyone, but we have a winner!

148 Responses to “the best laid plans.”

  1. nowhereslow Says:

    i just started reading your blog and then yesterday i discovered google reader so now i know when it’s updated! the girasole is really beautiful. i’m expecting my first child (not a peanut, not a pumpkin, a child – can you sense my annoyance at people naming it after food?) in october and it looks perfect and warm enough for fall. really beautiful work!

  2. Megan Says:

    My comment is my number? As in I’m number 1? If so, I’m excited to be first and I hope I win. I’m little. It will be a good blanket for me (I know you can’t just pick me, you’re doing it random, but you should consider cheating and just sending it to me). Why am I writing like a four year-old? Maybe it’s because I’m tired. Who knows. I need that blanket, that’s all I know.

  3. Deborah Rose Says:

    Dang. I was gonna go with the “you should consider cheating and just sending it to me” comment but Megan beat me to it!

    PS: I am also small.

  4. Joseph Says:

    Oh, so beautiful…

    I’m in. Chicago – represent!

  5. Megan Says:

    I’m not trying to cheat, would just like to say that I am irritated with myself that I was not quicker to the punch. Clearly when I started writing, I was number 1, but apparently I was too slow. Awkward.

  6. Tracy Says:

    I think it turned out beautifully, but I understand being disappointed in an FO that didn’t turn out as you’d pictured it. I would give it a great home. I love that pattern, but I don’t have plans to make the commitment to knit it myself.

  7. oonagh rabenwald Says:

    it is a gorgeous piece……….and would make a pretty shawl, even if it is heavier!! and usually when i’m needing a shawl, it’s for outdoors in late fall………
    can’t you just see this over a viking dress??

    -oonaghfibersmyth on ravelry

  8. Katerina Says:

    your girasole is beautiful! You did a wonderful job on it! I can’t believe your’e giving it away – aren’t your sure you wouldn’t rather keep it as a last minute gift for someone who was bitching because you didn’t make them something? ha ha ha.
    I guess I would be .. #5? or #4 – ah who knows – I’ll let you figure it out.
    Just really wanted to say – nice job!!!

  9. Amy Says:

    It’s always those best laid plans and all that. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Kelli Says:

    I still can’t believe that you’re gonna raffle it!
    I love it and have my fingers crossed.

  11. Teri M. Flinder Says:

    sigh me up for a chance. Manannan needs something new to sleep on! 😀

  12. Nadine B Says:

    It is a beautiful project. I am sorry it didn’t work out for you. But I think I could definitely give it a loving home.

  13. Katie Says:

    For all the work you put into this it’s a shame you can’t put it to good use for yourself. But since I’ll be in your neighborhood next year, and possibly taking up knitting myself, I’ll put my number in the ring.

    btw, my easter dinner was resolved, we bought tofu dogs for the others.

  14. Caitlin Says:

    Ooh, it’s gorgeous! Size matters in some cases, but not here!

  15. turtle Says:

    just found your blog! lol, wished you lived closer, would be fun to have some guy friends as knit buds! lol. Luv the Girasole. I knot the blanket last year but goofed somehow and the inner vs outer did not match up quite right, so frogged it and have not gotten around to re-knitting it yet This, would be beautiful at the foot of the bed or over the back of the love seat! Generous of you ! Hope your easter was a good one!

  16. Kris Says:

    I confess, if you do give it away and I win, I’m going to make it a gift for my mom – I’ve been promising her a shawl/throw type thing for ages but I’m a slow knitter and keep starting new projects (my WIP collection is ridiculous) so this would be a most excellent Mother’s Day surprise. I’m certain she would LOVE it, so it would definitely go to a good home. 🙂

    (I wouldn’t take credit for knitting it, though, I promise. 🙂 )

  17. Louise Says:

    Wow, that is gorgeous. I can’t believe you’re giving it away. This is going to score you some big points with the knitting gods.

  18. Shara Says:


    I totally want that, I’ll trade you a kidney for it….or part of my liver, if you’re not to particular.

  19. Yvonne Says:

    Honey, you know I’m in, for the party and for the blanket.

    Let me know if you’d like me to bring anything. I make a mean caesar salad…but you know that. ;0)

  20. Brooke Says:

    I want your girasole, bitch!

  21. Laurie Says:

    Pick me! That blanket is beautiful, and you have way more patience then I will ever have to finish it!

  22. the knitting aunt Says:

    I had a similar experience with radiating star blanket. I subbed worsted for aran and somehow was surprised when I had to do about a zillion extra repeats to make it blanket sized. It’s a gorgeous piece that you’re giving away!

  23. Norma Says:

    Your work is exquisite. I would be honored to win it!

  24. Sara Says:

    It is totally beautiful…and I would love it…

    I would never be able to make that myself!

    So, I want it…

    nhsarab on ravelry

  25. knitmit Says:

    I can’t believe you’d be willing to giveaway your work like that. You’re far more generous than I! Thanks for the contest though.

  26. Guess Who Says:

    26 is a good number. Figured I should try to win, too. Love you and see you in May. KA

  27. Knittingdancer (Ravelry) Says:

    It is beautiful and so nice of you to just give it away.

  28. MarieAngel Says:

    If my number happens to get drawn, I will cherish that blanket forever and ever.


    MariAngel on Ravelry

  29. Nupur Says:

    How incredibly generous of you to give this gorgeous thing away!

    -Nupur on Ravelry

  30. Stacey Says:

    What a gorgeous piece. I’d love to own and use it!

  31. Nolaboard Says:

    This is too beautiful!! I’m so sorry it didn’t turn out the size you wanted. I do the same kinds of things when I choose pattern and yarn. It’s lovely of you to give it away!

  32. Robin Says:


    Beautiful work, as always!

  33. Renee Reed Says:

    That is gorgeous. If my number happens to get picked, it will be coming to a very loving home.

    Neejess on Ravelry

  34. bognar Says:

    I’m in – this is the easiest contest I’ll be in all year! With that horrendous errata in the last part of the pattern, I could never bear to make it myself, but I have no problems benefitting from someone else’s hard work.

  35. Chia Tsao Says:

    Holy crap that is beautiful and I can’t believe you want to give it away even if it is too small. However, I will gladly take it off your hands and keep it for myself because it is that lovely.
    monkalicious and Ravelry

  36. Susan G Says:

    Rarely do I keep the things I knit – but I always sherish the handknits I recieve so I’d love to be on the receveing end for this beautiful blanket.

    Thanks for the opportunity

  37. erin Says:

    hell yes i would love to win this! enjoy your soupçon of debauchery, too. a blocking party is a good idea.

    (ps your chicago knitters miss you.)

  38. Kimberly Says:

    I think it is beautiful. Sign me up for a chance to win!
    I just started reading your blog and have been really enjoying it. Keep on being fabulous!

  39. Martha Says:

    After watching you work on the beautiful thing I am so sad that you aren’t happy.

    Are you likely to make it again, but bigger??

    What about ripping out and adding to it?

  40. InJuneau Says:

    Oh that’s lovely, but I know how frustrating it can be when something doesn’t turn out the way you want. Thanks for the chance to win.

    (InJuneau on ravelery too)

  41. Andrea Says:

    I totally want it! This would save me the trouble of actually having to knit one!

  42. Emily Says:

    Wow, that’s beautiful! And I can’t believe you’re giving it away to a random commenter.. But as you are, I’d love it to be me 🙂

  43. Kristen Says:

    I want to win this bitch! It’s lovely! 🙂

  44. mysticmoon Says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity to win such beautiful work. mysticmoon on rav

  45. marianne Says:

    this looks so warm and cuddly and beautiful! I would love to give it a good home!

  46. Jen Says:

    It’s beautiful! A little small – eh, so what. Seems like it would be perfect for wrapping up in on the couch.

    Jen (zgma on Ravelry)

  47. Lynn Says:

    Really gorgeous. And thanks for picking out the moss Madeline Tosh yarn for me on Saturday. I love it!

  48. JuliaA Says:

    i am highly in favor of any knitting post that uses the word ‘bitch’ copiously. this shouldn’t be surprising, as it’s in the blog title, but it’s still nice to see. warm fuzzies.

    and, of course, i would love the girasole. it’s gorgeous.

    juliaa on rav

  49. Aimee Says:

    It looks great! I would be happy with the pattern. I also love the colorful yarn in the previous post! Good job finishing!!!

  50. eclecticitee Says:

    OK, now that is stunning. And something that this vintage bitch would be very proud to own! I’m so sorry that all your hard work didn’t end up as planned. Thank you for this generous (and gorgeous) giveaway!
    chana on rav

  51. Kemberlee Says:

    Amazing bit of work there! Just beautiful. Personally, I think you should auction it for charity.

  52. michael Says:

    i can’t believe you’re giving this away! if i were you i’d buy a smaller table 🙂 well done!

  53. Amanda Says:

    Very Lovely! I can’t believe you are giving it away! Love your blog, you are so funny! Thanks for the giveaway. Amanda

  54. Wow! That’s amazing. I would love to win it; thanks for thinking of this!!!

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  56. Vic1996 Says:

    That is one beautiful blanket! I know what you mean about giving things away…. I almost never knit for myself! There is such satisfaction seeing the face of the person who receives such a gift.

    Good way to get people to your blog!

    I’ll keep watching.

  57. Michael Reed Says:

    Don’t know how you can bear to give away such an exquisite creation. it is absolutely beautiful!

  58. Carrie Says:

    Love it, especially now that winter has returned to the Northwest.

  59. Charlene Says:

    It’s stunning, even as an oversized doily. And once again the traits that bind us as knitters play out – we keep knitting even when all signs point to our being off base.

  60. Liz Says:

    Wow, that is gorgeous!

  61. Beth Gray Says:

    Oooohhh, so pretty! I love it!

  62. Ariane Says:

    If I was you, I would’ve keep it anyway.
    But… i want it!

  63. Karen Says:

    Wow what a give-away! I love it and Want it!!
    I would not be able to give it up.

    rav id: kamaor

  64. Droelma Says:

    While you guys are pinning , I am pining…..jejeje.
    5 feet you say ? It would be perfect for me and cover me completely…..that’s exactly how tall I am.
    I would love to win this masterwork and would cherish it for a very long time.


  65. Julie Says:

    Beautiful! I understand that it didn’t turn out like you pictured but it’s still gorgeous.

  66. Cheryl Says:

    Gor-geous. Girasole – I have loved it ever since I first saw it on Brooklyn Tweed, and I am NEVer going to make it myself – are you nuts?! What does it mean, anyway? I see a car quite often on my morning commute with the plate ‘GIRASOLE’. ANyway, while I fail to see how a blanket ‘wouldn’t fit’ or why you couldn’t add extra rows until it DID fit, if it means that I could become the proud new owner of the blanket, then I am fine with your logic. So, please pick me-me-me-me-me!
    Regards, Cheryl from the row behind you in Detroit

  67. Jane Wilson Says:

    The shawl is beautiful. I would love to give it a new home. Thank you for the opportunity a d being so generous.

  68. Debknits2 Says:

    Beautiful! It will block to whatever you want it to be.

  69. Kay Clevenger Says:

    I love it.Your knits so beautiful as a new knitter I love your Girasole project.It would have a loving home here.

  70. Sheryl Says:

    ME! ME! ME!
    What a beauty. Me likey very much.

  71. Bliss Says:

    Wow, giving away something that beautiful might be one of the least selfish things I’ve heard of in awhile. It’s amazing!

  72. Yolande Says:

    How beautiful! I have that pattern on my list of things to knit at some point in the future. Each time I see it knit up, I keep thinking it should be in the nearer future.

  73. Megt Says:

    It’s beautiful and I’d be honored to take that bit of knitterly denial off your hands.

  74. Kristen Says:

    Um, I do! I want it. Want it, want it, want it.

    (“want” looks funny now…)

  75. Lily Says:

    Fabulous Girasole in fabulous colour. When blocked, this will be just the right size for me if I win! Thank you so much for your generosity in giving away the blanket but maybe the best thing is that we now know about you and your blog. 🙂

  76. Ba Says:

    I’m so sorry the shawl didn’t work out for you. It’s very kind of you to give it away….

    Glad to have found your blog….

  77. Andrea Y-Jones Says:

    Pick me, pick me!

    Steven! I want, I want, I need, I need!

    Also, I’m really glad that you’re using your writing and having such a (seemingly) amazing time utilizing your creative side. I’m missing you terribly.

  78. Sarah Says:

    beautiful! and wow, congrats on giving it away. I don’t know if I could do that!
    (though I’d be happy to win it!)

  79. Deborah Says:

    Of course I want it! It is beautiful–more detail than I will ever be able to achieve.

    And, by the way, I’m also a Yarn Harlot fan!

  80. Ginny Says:

    My goodness! That’s beautiful. I’d love to get it.

  81. Kate Says:

    So pretty! I can’t believe you are giving it away!

  82. Josee Says:

    It’s beautiful! I can’t believe you would just give it away, even if it did come out smaller than you had wanted. You are so generous. It would hold a place of honour in my home if I had it.

  83. Marina Stern Says:

    That’s gorgeous. If I were to win it,I would probably donate it to the nonprofit wildlife conservations charity I volunteer with. It would do well in their annual fundraising auction.

  84. Artsygal Says:

    My god that’s beautiful… I can’t even fathom giving away something like that. I’d have to find some way to use it elsewhere or something. Whoever it goes to (me perhaps??) is going to be one lucky person!

  85. Karen Says:

    If you want to give it to me, I’d love it! I can join my Girasole which is about 8″ across!

  86. aprilquilts Says:

    LOVE it!! I’m sorry it doesn’t work for you, but an aggressive blocking may help. good luck.

  87. Jenn Smith Says:

    You did a beautiful job on this! I love it! Hope I win!

  88. Susan S Says:

    I have never yet managed to knit anything as big as a blanket or shawl and really need one. Just finished a cardigan that is too small and will have to go to my daughter in the UK!

  89. Ellen Says:

    How beautiful! I will probably never make anything that complicated but sure would love to have one! Are you sure you want to give it away? You’re a better person than I am!

  90. Stacey Says:

    You other bitches are not worthy of such a beautiful Girasole! I want to win it!

  91. Dana Says:

    That is so very beautiful! I would love to win – even if I do live in Florida and we don’t have a very long winter…. 😀

  92. iamredmeat Says:

    Stunning really.. I would love to own this beaut.

  93. GORGEOUS!!!!! doesn’t it suck, though, when you plan one thing and it turns out totally different. You are so generous to gift this!

  94. Kim Says:

    I hope mine is the lucky number. Beautiful!

  95. Holly H Says:

    Beautiful, generous! Thanks.

  96. Wyldchai Says:

    That is one gorgeous shawl. And the color is to die for. It reminds me of forest, and the sea, and mossy slate roofs on old French buildings, with tiny cups of slap-you-in-the-face coffee. You did an amazing job on it, even if the size is not what you wished. It’s still a shawl with a smoky voice and come-hither eyelashes, that grabs your attention the moment it’s worn into the room.

  97. That’s so gorgeous!

  98. David A Says:

    Having knit and then gifted one of these, I know that whomever receives this Girasole will be very grateful. It is a wonderful piece of knitting.

  99. jamie Says:

    Oo ooo oooo!! Me me me!!

  100. Jill Says:

    Wow, that is beautiful. Can’t wait to see it blocked. I love the magic of lace blocking! Also, just found your blog and love it. (I’m digging back through old posts next) Wondering why more knitting blogs don’t use the word bitches? Somehow, it makes me feel like you really know me, you know? hee hee

  101. Cheryl Says:

    Gorgeous! I am number 100 to comment.

  102. Laura Says:

    Wow! How lovely and generous!!! I hope to win so that I can give it to one of the pregnant girls in my life and make their life better (and mine easier).

  103. bj of LaColline Says:

    Being that a) if you are a friend of the Yarn Harlot, you are a friend of mine, b) I am barely 5’3″ and c) my eyes are hazel – which means that lovely shawl will fit and the eyes will magically match the color – , I graciously accept the opportunity to have the chance to wear the stitches of your creation

  104. kes Says:

    pick me!! Oh, can canucks enter? If so, me!

  105. Jenae Says:

    A knitting disaster – oh noes! It’s difficult to call something so beautiful a disaster, and I will gladly take it off your hands. : )

  106. Lisa Says:

    It is beautiful and it would also make a great birthday present. Hint, hint.

  107. Christine Says:

    I would lurv to win that Girasole!

    I was so sad to not see Steph, as I had a Science Olympiad event farrr away from DetPublicLibrary..otherwise I would have run like the wind there.

    thank you for offering the Girasole….I’m going to win it! (huh?)

    >>> Thanks Steven for letting me know where to put it..hahaha…..the post, that is.

  108. Nan Says:

    Great shawl! Would love to win it!

  109. Ann Bedell Hunt Says:

    Ravishingly gorgeous. I would have given up by the time it was doily size. If I win, I promise to wear it to Sock Summit 2011. And I’ll buy you dinner!

  110. Susan Says:

    Me 🙂 I want it.

  111. Tanya Says:

    I totally feel your pain if creating something that isn’t quite right…even when it’s our own fault it still sucks. But I think it’s beautiful and if I am the lucky comment number, I will be overjoyed!

  112. susan Says:

    I’ll have it! It’s the perfect size for a stroller blanket.

  113. Elissa Says:

    I think it is beautiful and while I am not little, I am tall and I live in the friggin Arctic, so heavy warm shawls are a must! I would be honoured to receive it and wish I had some crazy knitter friends up here to share in a soupçon of debauchery. Love your blog.

  114. LeAnn Smith Says:

    I just found your website through a twitter posted to the Yarn Harlot. The shawl is beautiful, and I’d be honored to wear it if I win. I’m only five foot tall, so it would be just right for a warm winter shawl for me!

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing all of your hard work. I look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis. 🙂

  115. sweetea Says:

    bitch, that is one hott item. congratulations on your hard work, now hand it over to me.

  116. Rachael Says:

    I think I’ll toss my name into the ring, because that is a beautiful piece of knitting, (“it’s not the size that matters”?) and it would be loved to pieces. I keep meaning to make one for myself, but have yet to get around to it…

  117. Lynn Says:

    It is sooo beautiful and I LOVE the colour!

  118. duni Says:

    it’s gorgeous- i’m sorry it didn’t work out to your specs. i just did the same thing with asimilar pattern and it ended up gifted to my MIL. thankfully she loves it!

  119. sara Says:

    It’s a beautiful shawl. I heard about this on yarn harlot and came to see. Now I have a new blog to read. Thank you

  120. jewlbal3 Says:

    Another tight knitter here!

    What a gorgeous shawl! I have to admit, I would love to own a shawl such as this — I have never made a shawl before, and would love to try; this shawl is definitely inspiring!

    I have crocheted doilies in the past, and this beautiful shawl reminds me of an intricate doily! Even when not worn, it looks lovely displayed as you’ve pictured it!

    You are very generous to share your hand crafted talents!

    Beth J.

    P.S. — The Yarn Harlot sent me! 🙂

  121. caroline s Says:

    As much as I’d like to win the beautiful Girasol, I have to say, can’t you just rip back a bit and fake a few more rounds of increases before the bindoff? But maybe you’re over it (we’ve all been there) and it’s the size it was meant to me. Either way, thanks for the contest and the great read!


  122. Deidra Says:

    That’s so funny! I had a dream last night that the sweater I’ve been slaving over didn’t fit so I had to find someone to give it to because I couldn’t bear the thought of ripping it out. :p

  123. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Just found your blog via the Harlot. I’m in love. I also confess, if I win it I will be totally greedy and keep it for myself with no guilt whatsoever. (I will take it on tour to show all my friends and family, but in the end it lives at my house.) Abso-freakin-lutely gorgeous. I’m truly in awe.

  124. Rhonda from Baddeck Says:

    Long ago, I started a surprise sweater for my boyfriend. The pattern called for size 9 and 11 needles — as a new knitter, I didn’t know ‘gauge,’ and decided that using a size 10 would be a clever ‘compromise.’ I finally finished it after we were married, and it doesn’t fit either of us — but he won’t part with it (awwww!).

    Your shawl is beautiful, and whoever receives it will be very lucky, indeed.

  125. Kay Shandler Says:

    I have made prayer shawls for the last 5 years. However I can only make rectangles. I would love to have a circular shawl. It is breath-takingly beautiful.

  126. Mya Says:

    Spectacular! I’d love to have it.

  127. Debbie Bell Says:

    This has been on my “to do” list way too long. What a beautiful job–I love the colour

  128. Patricia Says:

    Great job!! I would treat it with all the respect it deserves…

  129. vasudha Says:

    oh gosh, i’ve been craving girasol ever since JF posted about it on his blog, but just don’t knit well enough or fast enough to make one in this lifetime. what can i say, i would LOVE to be picked…..


  130. Gretchen Says:

    I would love your cast offs. Really. pick me!

  131. Jerik Says:

    absolutely beautiful work. While I’m sad that it doesn’t work for you, the person winning it will have something amazing.

  132. Julianne Says:

    What a lovely gesture. PICK ME!

  133. Gena Says:

    Beautiful work!

    To make something that beautiful and give it away…I’m in awe.

  134. That’s gorgeous! I’m sorry it turned out too small for you, however it’s great for whoever wins :]

  135. Katie Says:

    your girasole = absolutely gorgeous!

  136. Wanda Says:

    You, my dear, are a better person than I. I am not sure at all that I could give away a work like that no matter how “not according to plan” it turned out to be. Me? I’d love to have it, thanks for offering.

  137. Michelle Says:

    Girasol = mirasol = tournesal= Love your shawl. Keep knitting, bitch.

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  139. ~margaret Says:

    Have recently started reading your blog-via the Harlot. Looks like a wonderful blanket to snuggle under. What an amazing piece of knitting-and some amazing generosity. You will earn many good knitterly karma points with this.
    If I won it, I’d gift it to my daughter who is expecting her first child (and my first grandchild) any day. She would love it to cuddle her baby under. Every time the phone rings now, I am ready to leave for the hospital, as I am to be there to help coach her through labor, though wild horses couldn’t keep me away.

  140. Laura Says:

    that’s stunning! I can’t believe I’ve never seen that pattern before…

  141. Selkie Says:

    All you bitches need to step back because this lil fucker is mine. Mine, ALL MINE you hear?

    For some goddamn reason almost every Flood pattern I’ve knit I’ve given to some other lucky person. So this one is MINE! …cackling….


  142. jill Says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! That is beautiful — sign me up. I think you also have a new and faithful reader. Good luck with your next project!

  143. Marie Says:

    OMG you are so funny! I can’t believe you would give that piece of art away! But hey, I’m not proud. I would be honored to win it and give it a good home.

  144. Carol Says:

    I would love to be chosen to win this beautiful blanket….of course I would take the knitting credit for it (I’m a little bitchene as my grandmother would say!)

  145. Anna Says:

    Okay, I give in, I want it! Is it too late?

  146. Craniac Says:

    last minute entry!

  147. barryllama Says:

    Nice work on the blanket StephenA. Very nice! I am entering and I usually win things when I least expect it. so I expect to win this blanket. At which time I will attempt to barter for the beautiful Irish hiking scarf that you also made instead. Are there any rules against this type of behavior? Thanks man!

  148. […] that would be shara, winner of the bitches get stitches girasole giveaway. […]

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