television’s bitch

June 10, 2012

i don’t have cable.
which means i only have netflix to connect me to the outside world.
over the past few years (yes i haven’t had cable for years now),
i’ve pretty much watched everything worth watching on netflix,
and ever since they had that whole quickster debacle,
i swear they haven’t had added many new streaming movies.

this has made me desperate.

and so i’ve found myself completely obsessed with deadliest catch;
i cannot
watching it.

if i think about it objectively,
i am sitting here for hours on end
watching men fish!
who does that‽

but the point of this post is not to discuss how odd my tv habits have become. rather, i want to explain the power television has over me.
i’ve been watching this show for two days now.
today, i ate king crab for dinner (thanks mom!)
and now, i’m fighting the urge to buy this.
knowing that i only want it because it has the name/logo of my favorite boat does nothing to change the fact that i want it desperately.
nor does it even occur to me that it might be odd
that i even have a favorite boat.
i’m sitting here,
watching men fish,
and seriously considering spending $13.99 on a fucking mug.

and i don’t even use mugs.

there is something very very wrong with me.