television’s bitch

June 10, 2012

i don’t have cable.
which means i only have netflix to connect me to the outside world.
over the past few years (yes i haven’t had cable for years now),
i’ve pretty much watched everything worth watching on netflix,
and ever since they had that whole quickster debacle,
i swear they haven’t had added many new streaming movies.

this has made me desperate.

and so i’ve found myself completely obsessed with deadliest catch;
i cannot
watching it.

if i think about it objectively,
i am sitting here for hours on end
watching men fish!
who does that‽

but the point of this post is not to discuss how odd my tv habits have become. rather, i want to explain the power television has over me.
i’ve been watching this show for two days now.
today, i ate king crab for dinner (thanks mom!)
and now, i’m fighting the urge to buy this.
knowing that i only want it because it has the name/logo of my favorite boat does nothing to change the fact that i want it desperately.
nor does it even occur to me that it might be odd
that i even have a favorite boat.
i’m sitting here,
watching men fish,
and seriously considering spending $13.99 on a fucking mug.

and i don’t even use mugs.

there is something very very wrong with me.

10 Responses to “television’s bitch”

  1. Margaret Says:

    LOL, I haven’t had cable for forever, just Netflix streaming and feel the same way-not too much new to watch. But, like you, I’ve become obsessed with Deadliest Catch. I even went to a “night with the captains” (Sig, Jonathan, and Andy) in Woosta MA last fall. Now that I’ve caught up on all the seasons, I’ve even purchased the current season from iTunes, because I don’t want to wait for NF to get it streamed. I’m totally hooked. And it’s just crab fishing! (I did order a king crab cocktail appetizer thingie when I was in Portland for SS ’11)

  2. Brooke Says:

    My husband calls it The Deadliest Snatch. Make you laugh?

  3. Sue Says:

    Do it! But it won’t replace your Pyrex drinking vessel.

  4. Jenn Says:

    I haven’t watched it as religiously as I used to since Captain Phil died.

  5. Nicole Says:

    I don’t get it either, but I *get* it. I am kind of in love with Edgar.

  6. cauchy09 Says:

    hah! i haven’t had cable in many many years, but i still get sucked into series on Netflix instant. watching Law & Order for the first time. there are so many episodes! but i feel weird if i watch more than one at once.

    never seen this fishing show…must google!

  7. Adrienne Says:

    Gods I love that show. And we have the same favorite boat, fwiw. If I were forced – and force is what it would take – that’s the boat I would crew on. (Also — I found a copy of Sig’s book in my local ice cream shop/gift shop for $2. There are some choices that are easy to make.)

  8. Bobbie in AK Says:

    Aww, you’ve been sucked in! It’s a hard living, one that demands respect for the elements and the men who brave the conditions and the way of life.

    I love the Hillstrand’s and Hansen’s equally, although I haven’t watched it as much since Captain Phil’s passing…

    Come on… buy the mug!

  9. Anonymous, too Says:

    It won’t have the same logo, but you can get mugs and lots of other stuff with the “Northwestern” name the next time you’re in Chicago. Just go to Evanston, the first suburb north along the lakefront ;-)!

    “Deadliest Catch” hasn’t hooked me, but I remember when I was addicted to “Mythbusters,” “Trading Spaces” and other series, both on and off cable.

  10. hi, this is hilarious. i linked to this on FB. i’m amazed at what TV shows hold up under this kind of new scrutiny and those which don’t. Lost is unwatchable, but Design Star 4 is strangely compelling. The Wire, yes, Mad Men, not. i think it has to do with realism vs. the more sci-fi fantasy stuff.

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