first, allow me to clarify my last post:
my dad had some surgery.
it went well.
he’s home now.
it may have been a little mean
casually mentioning i was in a hospital
but wasn’t it a good suspense builder?

currently, i’m headed off to a reclusive week in oregon;
my exact whereabouts are known by a select few.
more on that later as things develop.
but i can’t go off on one trip
before i fill you in on my last one.

one of my dearest friends in the world, caroline,
got married last weekend on the outskirts of chicago.
frankly, weddings and marriage aren’t really my thing,
but she’s one of those friends where not attending was unthinkable.
there are few people in my life that i can say i have been friends with for more than a decade; caroline is one of them.

veronica went as my date,
and i’m really glad i brought her along.
because as soon as i saw caroline in the church,
standing in her wedding gown, ready to walk down that aisle,
i fucking lost it.


i cried.

it was a quiet, dignified cry,
but i cried in public nevertheless.
it didn’t help that care was crying as well,
but i really can’t explain why, exactly, i cried.
i couldn’t tell you why if my life depended on it.
but it did.

luckily the priest started talking,
and his spiel about god and love
turned my tears to a frown.
it’s odd that,
however uncatholic i’ve become,
i remain catholic nonetheless.

for instance.

even though i thought most everything the priest said was some strightup bullshit, i was totally pissed at the people in front of me who were chewing gum, irritated by the fact that we don’t kneel anymore apparently, and baffled by the new ‘version’ of the mass.

how can i care about stuff like that
when i find the content of the situation to be . . . unpalatable?

i digress.

the important thing
is that there was something special about being there to witness an event that was meaningful to one of my best friends.
i feel really lucky to have been there.
plus i looked totally fly.

as for the rest of my trip to chicago . . .
it would take too long to tell you everything.
instead, i give these two photos:
i think that about sums it up.

see you in portland, bitches!
p.s. i’m publishing this on a plane! my broad-ass shoulders may be crammed between into the middle seat, but wifi at 34000ft makes life worth living!

i’d like to say that,
while i had a rough day wednesday,
a haircut
new outfit
and a dinner party
are all it takes to cure my blues.
(the photo doesn’t show it but my mohawk has returned)

i really love my dog.
i hate people who constantly go on and on about their kids, pets, spouses, etc. so i do try to limit that kind of talk.
but i love my mo mo.
(even though he never leaves me alone!)

recently, he’s taken to sniffing every flower on our walking route.
it’s kinda too cute for words.

i just felt like saying for the record
it’s not all rough times and stress bombs here at b.g.s.
i’m doing really well in school (so far, anyway).
my cohort is awesome and supportive;
we’ve all become pretty close friends.
(a very rare thing in academia, believe me)
i’ve got a pretty thing going right now.
it’s good for me to remember that.

for some reason i can’t sleep.
and since i can’t bring myself to do ‘real’ work,
i thought it’s high time i attended to my beloved blog.

since i’ve done such a good job deferring my knitting writing,
shall we begin this post with photos of cute animals?
(photos courtesy of sally of rivendale farms. thanks sal!)

that’s steven jr. and his mother lucy.
as you can see,
he’s growing up quite well.
though still a mama’s boy, apparently.
i know nothing of alpaca maturation or culture
but shouldn’t he be smoking behind alpaca high by now?
you can’t have much fun snuggled up to mommy.
just sayin’.

in yarn news,
march sock club came!the color way is ‘budding twig’ in socks that rock medium weight.i had my reservations about this skein.
first, i never choose such highly variegated yarn.
second, i never choose colors this bright and perky.
third, pink is my nemesis.

but i believe i’ve come to trust tina’s judgement
at least when it comes to color.
so i decided to challenge myself
and cast something on.

in my first two attempts,
i tried to avoid pooling, flashing, puddling,
or any other word for ‘color accumulating in fabric’ that i despise.
both times a failed but learned some things:
garter stitch in the round with sock yarn held double is hideous.
holding two strands of sock yarn for a 2×2 rib is gorgeous!
but is quickly ruined when one transitions into stockinette stitch.

finally i said fuck it,
and decided to let the yarn do it’s thing.
mindless knitting is all i can handle at this point.
and so i began a largish cowl.
mostly stockinette stitch
with enough purl rows thrown in for interest
and to keep the sucker from becoming a big fat neck doughnut.

of course, the colors began pooling
but in a cool, interesting way.
every row stacked up such that
i became mesmerized.
i was in love.
and not only did i love it, i got it.
i understood how the colors went together.

tina is a color witch.

do not cross her.

but just like how god punishes you for not praying, (grew up catholic)
the knitting goddess punished you for lack of knitting.
soon the yarn started pooling differently
and not in a good way.
and! not only did my purl row placement do nothing to curtail curling
they made the cowl look fucking ugly.

thus no photos.

and so, i’ll start over again soon
(when i regain my inner strength)
however! i have one final plan
to avoid the pain of unwanted pooling.
as far as i know, the only antidote for pooling
is heavy texture.
am i right?
will some seed/moss/broken rib do the trick?

finally, a f.o.
one that’s been done for a while now.
i just haven’t had time to clean a surface off
i just had to be home when the sun was up to take a photo.
yarn – blue moon fiber arts twisted in ‘grawk’ color way

this project didn’t go exactly as planned either,
but i am in love with the finished product.
it’s about 9′ long (i swear it grew when it hit water).
i was going for 7′ and thicker,
but i wouldn’t change it for world.
bundled it about my neck, it looks perfect.

however, my mojo was totally on when it came to casting offthat, my friends,
is about one yard of yarn.
one. fucking. yard!
go me.

i just have one final decision to make:
do i leave the scarf as is, saving it for christmastime
OR do i seam together with that last yard to make an infinity scarf.

cons: me no like seaming
my slipped stitch edge would be for naught
i won’t have that yard as an impressive reminder of major mojo.
pros: it’s a reversible process
potential for enhanced über coolness.

admonishments for lack of writing?
go on.
i can take it.


February 6, 2012

a combination of shotgunning a grande mocha
and late night isolation in my office
has altered my state of mind.

i’m having a psychonautic moment here people.

i’m writing in crazy bursts of inspiration
and then flitting all over my office,
tidying, organizing, updating
software and such.

all while having a particular song stuck in my head.

any guesses?

it’s xanadu.
(telling, i know)

in my youth,
i ‘discovered’ this movie
and, somehow, the tape made it into my life.

i remember driving home in my dad’s saturn station wagon,
playing that tape and singing along, balls out.
and when it got to the title track,
i put that shit on a loop!

i realize now,
that no matter how old, weird,
and just generally off my father may be,
he was and is a mother fucking saint.

a deep love for me is the only explanation for why he didn’t flip out,
rip the tape out of the car stereo, and tell me to shut the fuck up.
i think he would have been well within his rights to do so.

thanks daddy.

and now,
for you viewing pleasure,
here’s the video:
just another peek into my insanity.

** a few notes on this video’s awesomeness:
1 – gene kelly on roller skates
2 – that smile @2:12
3 – the beam out @3:10
4 – oliva newton john’s halter outfit
(veronica, you need that in your life)


December 31, 2011

i’ve been without a car for some time now, which means
i haven’t left my apartment for at least three days.
i finally think i understand the shining.
(are there misspellings in that clip?)

i’ve overdosed on stargate, bad anime, and rupaul’s drag race,
i’ve been talking to mo and the television as if they can understand me,
i’ve been wearing this comfy yet obscene pair of long johns for days,
and i don’t want to alarm you, but i think may have
clementine poisoning.

if you’re near the capital of the magical mitten,
please, come pick my ass up and buy me a drink.
or the dog gets it!


December 30, 2011

why write a coherent post, i ask you,
when life is anything but?

so here’s some shit that’s happening in my household.
apartmenthold? is that even a thing?


randomness 1 – i love getting thank you notes
or really any kind of card or paper mail.
when it’s from a cute dude, even better.
put a sheep on it? well that just does me in.

randomness 2 – winter fruit
to say that i love pomegranates would be a ridiculous understatement.
i luuuurrrve them. i luuuurrrve them them soo much.
have you ever cleaned one before? it takes forevs!
but that’s the best part! it takes like an hour to pick one apart,
to be put into some kind of receptacle,
to then be devoured immediately
by me.

clememtines also rule,
what with that weird crate they come in.
i will not eat oranges or grapefruits, (though i do love their juice)
but i’ll eat the shit out of a clementine.
mo likes them too.

randomness 3 – i got a plate
it’s a thank you plate from the pittsburgh aids task force.
it came with a thank you note, which you know i love,
explaining that this is a ‘plate with purpose‘.
there’s a quote on it from kerry stoner,
one of the founders of the pittsburgh aids task force.

i’m not sure what to do with this plate, other than treasure it.
do i hang it on the wall? is that gauche?
or do i use it?

who knows.

my goal for next year is to raise $10,000.
it’s insane i know, but i figure
if i can get nearly $5000
with only two weeks of planning,
what could i get with a few months?

random 4 – is the enemy
at least the enemy of my bank account.
there are too many things that i want and need
that are only one click away.
like this über gay phone cover.
it was so miami (mee-yAH-mee) that i had to own it.
it kinda sucks as phone covers go, at least in terms of protection.
it only protects the back, so i can’t put it face down.
it’s also pretty slick, which means
if i put it on a surface with an incline,
it slides off.

useful, right?

but it does kinda match the plate, so i guess it stays.

nothing to do with knitting

November 6, 2011

this is why mom’s are great.
not because, occasionally, they send you something blog worthy,
but because they’re always thinking about making you smile.

you all have my mom to thank for sending me this one.
let the internet cuteness overload commence!