May 28, 2020

the russian lace cast off worked,
and the mother fucker blocked beautifully.

sandness in bmfa bfl sport, spruced colorway

trying to photograph it, however,

sandness in bmfa bfl sport, spruced colorway

is impossible.

not having a space big enough to take it’s photo,
i used the old tried and true “stick it in a bush” technique.

sandness in bmfa bfl sport, spruced colorway

i stuck it in just about every shrub or tree i could find on my street.
but i cannot
for the life of me
get the color right; the green always washes out.
nevertheless, i love this shawl. the drape and softness of this yarn
is everything. and i wonder, to whom should it go?

i prefer to give away most of the things i knit
and most of the time, i have an intended recipient.
this time… i just started it because i liked the pattern
and wanted to use this yarn.

so i thought to myself,
“self,” i thought,
“why not go old school
and do an actual giveaway?
might that work??”

i guess we’ll find out!

so if you’d like to have this shawl simply:

1. first, share this post on social media (tagging me would be nice too,
@faiche_stiabhna on both twitter and the gram)
2. then leave a comment

on monday, june 1, i’ll have a computer choose an owner.
(just what everyone will want for summer:
a wool fucking shawl. brilliant, steven!)

3 Responses to “sandness”

  1. Purplefrog5 Says:

    I love that Shawl. Where did you get the ideal for the pattern?

  2. […] that’s clue one down; excited for clue two!oh. you want to know who’s getting the shawl?well…here’s the thing. no one seems to want it. which suggests, to me, three […]

  3. Jill L Kepler-Fritter Says:

    so I managed to do the first step, and missed the second! I love love love the shawl. and the bush trick is awesome!

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