i’m depressed

May 11, 2020

but i think it’s safe to say,
we all are these days
to some degree,

so here are some things that do not suck in my life right now:
shetland tea shawl
by my calculations, i’m just past halfway done with the edging
on the shetland tea shawl i began in 2009.
shetland tea shawl
yeah blurry edging shot!

then there’s this sandness
that i barely recollect beginning at the beginning of 2016.

currently trying to locate my place
as i’m knitting this out of a hand-dyed yarn
that you just can’t get anymore and i don’t want to get close to the end only to discover i should have done one less repeat
to have enough yarn
to cast off.

i picked this up today
yeast from A and J King Bakery
your eyes aren’t deceiving you; that’s a 1lb bag of bakers yeast.
i can bake bread forever! suck on that, pandemic!

seriously, everyone complaining that they can’t find yeast at the grocery store, contact your local bakery. they have flour and yeast to spare.
i got this lil guy from a&j king bakery in salem, ma.

finally, i need your help.
in these uncertain times, as i feel
the pull of knitting-as-addiction, yet again,
i can’t decide if i should cast on this sweater
Christmas Past by Dale Long
which comes in one size (not mine)
using techniques i’ve never done (steaks)
and calls for yarn i do not have (from scotland)


should i just get a bohus stickning kit?
tough call, eh?

what should i do?