two in one day, i must be crazy

May 10, 2018

i have to say
it was nice to be a part of the knitternet™ golden age.
coming back only underscores how that time is ovah!
all these blogs i loved are just gone,
one is now a potential malware purveyor,
or at least that’s what my browser told me.

do people still write about knitting?
do people still knit?

9 Responses to “two in one day, i must be crazy”

  1. Knitting concierge Says:

    Omg there r so many podcasts out there today and new ones all the time I for one was excited to see your posting and hope that u might come along and join the podcast universe

  2. Kate Says:

    There’s lots of knitting on Instagram!

  3. Yeah, some of my favs are gone too, or taken over by other kinds of making (which I usually like) or the results of baby making (which I don’t) – some designers are still pretty reliable knitting bloggers though, or maybe a long dig on rav for new friends… not sure if the people search could be filtered by ones with blogs…?

  4. Hope Says:

    Time marches on, friend. People change, interests change, available time to write may change. People are still knitting, many people! The Yarn Harlot is still blogging, Kate Davies posts often, find some new folks to follow. Happy knitting!

  5. Bonnie Says:

    I still knit, and I still love reading knitting blogs. I haven’t posted anything on my own blog in ages though.

  6. Linda Says:

    Yes. Me.

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