i have to say
it was nice to be a part of the knitternet™ golden age.
coming back only underscores how that time is ovah!
all these blogs i loved are just gone,
one is now a potential malware purveyor,
or at least that’s what my browser told me.

do people still write about knitting?
do people still knit?

ch ch ch changes

May 10, 2018

life has changed a lot since i first got into knitting.
i’m living with a guy i’m kinda into (sh!).
i moved to a new state (ma).
i got a phd (blah blah).

and yet,
i find myself particularly adrift at the moment;
i have zero idea where my life is going.
so of course,
rather than figure that out
why not start knitting again?
and then write about it on a blog no one reads!
cuz that’s productive.

i dug this bad boy out of the depths of the big plastic wip container:
IMG_3490 pattern: permafrost yarn: blue moon bfl sport in “in the navy”

things i’ve found while knitting this bad boy:
i can still read lace (thank god, or i’d be fucked).
i have much less confidence and am therefore slower.

but that moment
you know the one
when you get in the groove
and everything seems to fall away
(a famous yet secretly shitty knitter said something
about how knitting changes brainwaves à la meditation)
well today,
i had the moment
and it felt pretty fucking good.

so maybe i’ll keep knitting this thing.
and maybe the person i started knitting it for
waaaaaaaaaay back in 2013
will actually get it!