the human door

October 20, 2013

i don’t have enough bandwith to do a proper post
but this is what i’ll say about today’s rhinebeck adventure:

beware the human door.
DPP_1729this bitch kept getting in everyone’s way at the into the whirled booth.
i and about five other women just wanted to look at some roving,
but she was not having it.

you’d move,
she’d move.

you’d reach for a braid,
she’d reach for a braid.

she was a fucking fiber linebacker;
there was no getting around her!

so beware, bitches, the human door.
she is not fucking around.

11 Responses to “the human door”

  1. Susie Says:

    Thanks for the warning. I’ll steer clear of her if I see her today. Hope to see you there!

  2. Anna Says:

    I saw her a number of times when I wasn’t with you! She was all over!

  3. Soxy Says:

    I just love how you call things as you see them. She wants to be just like you!

  4. Ugh, I hate these kinds of people at events. Take her out!

  5. Stephanie Says:

    HA HA HA! omg, i’m dying of jealousy right now. i feel like blocking all of you on instagram. next year i’m going.

  6. KitKatKnitter Says:

    First, I’m freakin’ jealous you’re up there with all the fibery fun.
    Second, go New Yorker obnoxious on her ass. Bitch needs it.

  7. Anonymous, too Says:

    Aaaagh! I am always tripping over such people! Once, while shopping, I encountered one wearing a dark green faux-fur coat. She stopped in the dead center of the store’s exit to read her receipt. No one could get around her.

    I finally shouted at her: “Hey, lady in the Muppet-fur coat, you’re blocking the fire exit!”

    Hope you’re enjoying Rhinebeck. Would love to hear the highlights, rather the lowlifes.

  8. Linda Says:

    I would tie the bottom of her pinnifore (sp?) to a stake and leave her there. I am 5′ tall and every one blocks my view. Grrrrrrrrr.

  9. Andrea M Says:

    Next time I’m walking her over to the hot sauce booth and forcefeeding her a taste of the Scorpiaaaaan Chili.

  10. KitKatKnitter Says:

    I like how you think, Andrea!

  11. Natalie Says:

    She was not alone. Or at least I think she had assistants doing similar work at other booths.

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