a good, plain sock

July 10, 2013

i shouldn’t be up.
to say that it’s late
and that i have a very full, important day tomorrow,
would be to laugh in the face of anything resembling “understatement”.

but i promised you all a sock
and i so rarely finish a knitted thing these days.
(though if you’d prefer, i have more korean food i could share)

i give you,
a good, plain sock
(the color is truest in the first two photos):
yarn – socks that rock lightweight in the new ‘sadie sue tipsy’ colorway
pattern – sock recipe: a good plain sock

i saw this skein
et les membres de sa mΓͺme famille
during my last visit to portland, oregon.
(i know i know i owe you a post)
the tipsys had just been born
and i kept eyeing this skien.
if you’re lucky to visit the tina newton
and you stare at one of her skeins long enough
and she likes you
she might give it to you.

apparently she likes me.*

i only had the one set of needles with me
and they were already in another sock.
well i’ll tell you what, i ripped the needles right out the sock in progress and cast this puppy on. though it occurs to me now
that i was staying with a woman
who specializes in sock yarn.
i bet she has some needles i could’ve borrowed.


i chose this pattern,
not only because i basically have it memorized at this point,
but because this is a brand new colorway,
and i wanted to see what it would do.

and because the pattern is so easy,
i was able to revel in the color,
how it built in each new round,
seeing what would change
at the heel flap
and gusset.
i am completely enamored of the swirly flashing;
the copious amounts of white make it for me.

and i should have taken a pic of the wrong side.
the reverse stockinette made me want to knit something
>deep breath<
for a baby.

i was actually walking around saying,
"but have you seen the inside? look at the reverse stockinette!"
"someone needs to knit something for a baby in this colorway!"
i said it several times to anyone who'd listen.

luckily, someone else took a pic for me. go ahead, take a look.

now you tell me, don’t you think someone needs to knit something in reverse stockinette for a baby in this colorway?

as i was finishing up this sock
while watching silent hill: revelation on netflix,
it ended up being about an inch longer than i had indented.
(would that i always had such problems)
i wonder who i’ll give this pair to?
how will i decide who gets them?

i’m open to suggestions.

it’ll have to wait.
i owe it to the other sock i left hanging.

*there may or may not have been a chocolate mousse involved in this decision

12 Responses to “a good, plain sock”

  1. lollyknits Says:

    I’ve been eyeing that colorway, but I wanted to see it in the wild before I took the plunge. This is just lovely, I may need to invest in some πŸ™‚

  2. I love the colorway! Masculine but not boring! Sometimes I think we should sell DPN’s by bulk since sock knitters always seem to need more! πŸ™‚

  3. Michelle Says:

    That is a good looking sock. You have some pretty great friends. πŸ˜€

  4. sarahvv Says:

    1. That sock looks awesome.
    2. That colourway looks awesome.
    3. Maybe I should knit a sock….
    4. For less experienced sock knitters with, ahem, generous calves but regular sized feet, tips?

  5. JDKnitter Says:

    very pretty & fresh color. Love it. No wonder your eyes were shooting out laser beams (or pretty hearts) that made Tina Newton gave it away πŸ˜›

  6. Barbara S. Says:

    Now that I see it knit up I’m taking another look at all the Tipsey colorways.

  7. Linda Cannon Says:

    I make lots of socks, especially for my guys of the gay persuasion, and they would love that sock yarn. The way the color flows is YOWZA!! And yes it would make a great item or items for wee ones. I can see that too. Oh a wee sweater (the Harlot’s useage of wee) would be way too sweet. I think this yarn is in my future if I can track some down, somewhere.

  8. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    A very fine sock – love the colorway!

  9. Anonymous, too Says:

    Wow! Tina has outdone herself! I love the diagonal striping effect, even though the colors are not ones I would choose for myself. I’d love to see how that would knit up in something a bit larger in scale, like a baby blanket or a preschooler’s pullover. I have got to go look at the other colorways.

    And of course Tina was nice to you. She’s softening you up so she can meet Mo :-).

  10. Kelli ann Says:

    The perfect sock!

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