clockwork revient

May 14, 2013

those of you who have stuck with me over the years may recall
that i made a clockwork, didn’t like it (on me)
and sent it on an adventure

that was over two year ago.

i cast it to the wind,
entrusting it to the kindness of knitters
to help it see all fifty u.s. states (and then some).

at some point,
its travels stalled out.
and i lost track of it,

after making appropriate sacrifices to the internets gods
DPP_1491and it has returned to me!

absence has certainly made the hear throw fonder
as i am now completely smitten with my little clockwork.

i’d still like it to finish its journey.
so i think i’m going to send it back out into the world.
except this time, i’m going to play a bigger role in its travels.

but i need your help to do it!
so if you’d like to host the clockwork
and help me finish this project before, say 2015,
then read on!

the clockwork adventure 2.0
to be an effective clockwork host you must

1. be willing to show it a good time in your home state/province/country. nothing fancy, just take it out of it’s ziplock and into the world.

2. take a photo of the clockwork having fun and send it to me. like i said, it doesn’t have to be fancy. a photo in your shrubbery will do as well as a famous tourist sight.

3. be willing send it on to someone else. the clockwork relies on the kindness of strangers to get about.

the main goal of this adventure is for the clockwork to see all fifty states. a secondary goal is visiting all the canadian provinces. all international trips are just amazing bonuses! if you’d like to volunteer, just leave me a comment. but check out the clockwork’s page to see where it’s been and where it still needs to go, first.

help a knitter out?
*retweets and facebooking this post would be much appreciated!

44 Responses to “clockwork revient”

  1. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    It would have an excellent time in Colorado. Really.

  2. Fun, fun, fun! I’d love to take the clockwork out for some fun in Colorado (I didn’t see a check mark by that state) and then I can send it to someone in Washington who would probably be up for some clockwork fun as well.

  3. jenmcox Says:

    Well, clockwork has already been to the glorious state of Illinois, but if I could still offer my hosting …I’d throw it on and get in my car and drive to Wisconsin (where clockwork has not had the pleasure) for a visit to Mars’ Cheese Castle where I’d look awesome wearing the clockwork, take pictures to prove it, and get a giant bag of cheese curds for the drive back to Illinois where I’d send it on to the next host tout de suite!

  4. Christine Says:

    I’m leaving for a Iceland August 14 and would be happy to take the colorwork with me up to the Skógarfoss waterfall. l’ll be in Wisconsin, Chicago and Boston on the journey to Iceland.

  5. Trish Austad Says:

    Clockwork been to British Columbia yet? Oh no it di-in’t! Gorgeous Vancouver is the perfect backdrop for a little sea-to-sky action with your purdy little scarf. Also, I travel on biz to Calgary, Alberta every few months and Clockwork would be just the thing when those Chinook winds start a-blowin’. As a bonus, summer vacay plans this year may involve a jaunt to New Orleans, another spot that Clockwork wants to hang out and keep it real.

  6. Kimberly Says:

    I know it’s has been here in Pa, but I know someone in Washington state, Sweden, and Australia. I can make sure it reaches all of those places! If you send it my way I will make sure it makes its travels 🙂

  7. Noirin Says:

    well it has to come to Belfast/Dublin, I’ll be in Paris in October – has it been? Also going to Grenada in November…

  8. Andrea Says:

    Does your clockwork have any desire to travel to Istanbul this summer?? I know a fabulous red head and her lucky spouse who are traveling that direction!! 😉

  9. I love your green clockwork (maybe a little more than my own…) and I can take it to New York & New Jersey whenever, New Hampshire ASAP, or I have leads in Oregon, Iowa, and Puerto Rico…

  10. Jen Says:

    I know clockwork has visited down under before, but I bet it didn’t come to the Wild West! It’s getting chilly down here now so clockwork would be right at home. Then she/he/it could visit my daughter in Leeds, who just can’t get used to the lack of sunshine over there.

  11. Lizz Says:

    I’m in Upstate New York! I can take it to the Baseball Hall of Fame… if anyone cares. I don’t, really, but it’s just down the road a piece and the clockwork might like it. 🙂 Or it could come to a residency at Goddard in Vermont with me in June or January…

  12. daune frankenfield Says:

    Hello again (i won one of the amazing gifts from AIDS day), I would like to host the clockwork. I live in West Palm Beach, FL and am about to go on vacation on Isle Royale and Wisconsin, and Minnesota and passing through all the states to get there…road trip. I had an idea to post pictures of me knitting on on all of our (me and husband)you know like hiking, zooming, canoeing ext. this would be a great added bonus. Aren’t you in Ann Arbor? I could drop it back to you at a mutually agreeable sight on our way back home in July.

    If this is agreeable email me.

  13. Stirling Says:

    I’d be thrilled to take it out on the town here in NYC!

  14. Kathryn K. Says:

    I’ll volunteer to be the Clockwork’s host in Oklahoma! I can take pictures of it at OU and our local yarn shop, and maybe even some in downtown OKC!

    • Kathryn K. Says:

      Ooh, and I just realized- depending on timing, I can take care of Texas, too. We’ve got a trip to Austin planned this summer, and if the Clockwork comes with me, that’s two states in one go!

  15. Anonymous, too Says:

    It’s already been here to Illinois, but if you are really desperate for it to go to Lost Angeles, the southernmost point of Texas, and/or north London (near Golders Green), let me know. I’ve got people in all three places whose arms I could twist — or whose sofas I could invite myself to sleep upon.

    (P.S. Once again, Mo shows exactly why he is the BGS Chief Cuteness Officer. And, he looks like he’s hoping for his own clockwork for next winter. . .hint, hint.)

  16. Cecilia Says:

    Plenty of room at the Hotel California!

    Seriously though. There’s fun to be had here & I promise to send it along quickly.

  17. lollyknits Says:

    if you can mail it to me in Boston before Saturday, I will take it to Cancun with me 😛

  18. BSue Says:

    On behalf of my sistah knitters, more affectionately known as the Fiber Trash Girls, we would love to host Clockwork! We live in the Sierra Nevada of Northern California. We’re a very fun bunch so there will be no shortage of excellent experiences for Clockwork. Our annual summer retreat is held in an historic gold mining ghost town. One of the FTG’s owns an old miner’s cabin where we call home for a few glorious days. If it can be arranged i would love to have Clockwork in time for our retreat which begins Thursday July 11th. I promise Clockwork the time of it’s life and a collection of photos to show the world!

  19. Ashley W Says:

    I’m in the Northern Territory of Australia, so if you want to get specific and try to get all of the Aussie states too, count me in!

  20. Anita Says:

    I would love to show your clockwork a good time in Kansas, I live in the middle of the state and could take it to geographic center of the United States.

  21. Kathi Says:

    I’m in Portland, Oregon, and would be happy to host Clockwork in the Rose City!

  22. Helen Says:

    Would Clockwork like to come to England? I live on the English/Welsh borders – so that is 2 countries 🙂 – I can show her to all the sheep who live at the bottom of my garden….

  23. Gina Says:

    I’m in PA…Clockwork has visited here already. I could get West Virginia marked off for you though. Attending a event there on Aug 02 of this year. Would be happy to take it along. There is a very very very remote chance of getting a pic of Clockwork with a celebrity while I am there.

  24. Nicole Says:

    There is already a checkmark by Ontario, but if by chance, you’d like it to come back here, and go as far south in Canada (without a boat) as it possibly can, I will gladly take it to Point Pelee 🙂
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

  25. Woolydaisy Says:

    I’m a fellow fiber trash girl of the above “Bsue.” The fiber trash girls are a fun and crazy group of rural and small town knitters and spinners in northern california includin one amazing corgi named Riley. Every July we get together at birdsong’s mining cabin (1800’s) Located in a historic old ghost town called forest city. We would love to have Clockwork come and vist us during our summer retreat which begins July 11. We spin, knit, dye, use an outhouse, cook on an antique stove and even the vegetarians get out of control and imbibe in various delicacies during this amazing adventure. We can guarantee Clockwork a fun filled adventures including photo shoots with a character named “smiley.” Corn whiskey for breakfast? Corn cob pipe? Intrigued? Just send Clockwork our way! We’ll take good care- promise! Pictures for sure!

  26. oneofthehive Says:

    I’d love to offer your Clockwork a room here in Connecticut!! I’d take extra good care of it, and if the timing is right, you could probably see it again in Rhinebeck for Nips with Steven 😉

  27. Emily H. Says:

    I would love to have Clockwork visit Maryland. I could get it to the state capitol and our nation’s capitol too.

  28. Bobbie in AK Says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I (hopefully) proved that I am of the non stalker variety, when caffeine reinforcements arrived for the holidays. :o) Clockwork would love to see Alaska!!

  29. Hope Says:

    I would love to host your clockwork. I’m on the coast of Washington State currently. Let me know if I’m in and I will get you my mailing address!

  30. misa Says:

    I love this whole idea, you rock.

  31. Catherine Says:

    I’ll gladly show the clockwork a good time in Montréal, Québec!

  32. princess fee Says:

    I realize there is an offer for British Columbia already, but if that falls through I would love to show the clockwork a good time in the mountains. Skiing, hiking, maybe a trip to Lake Louise and Banff National Park…
    I’m also going on holiday to the Yukon Territory/ Alaska in he middle of June…
    What a fun project!!

  33. princess fee Says:

    I realize someone has already spoken for British Columbia, but if things fall through, I could show the clockwork a good time in this beautiful province. I’m also able to show it a good time in Alberta and in June I’m heading North to the Yukon Territory and Alaska. Two provinces, one territory and one state… Good bang for your buck!

  34. Brooke Says:

    I am in northern California, and would love to play hotness with the mostest. We will go on some runs with the corvette club, local yarn shops, ladies night at the shooting range, dinners, runs in the park. Maybe even a 5k race…

  35. […] more than two years, and i’m a long way from achieving my goal. but i’ve got a good feeling about this leg of the journey. here’s hoping we see a lot […]

  36. omlair Says:

    alas, clockwork has already been to Australia! Happy to host clockwork again if it needs another adventure down under! (Melbourne, specifically)

  37. lindaran Says:

    I know Wisconsin has already been volunteered, but I could take Clockwork to play polo with me if you think it might like that. A very basic, amateurish level of polo, but polo nonetheless.

  38. Cheryl Says:

    Maybe a California tour? Looks like you probably have California covered but if not I’m headed to Tahoe June 14 and Lambtown fiber fair (which isn’t really big but I go every year) the first week of October and would show it off on my daughter who will be one year old.

  39. Crystal Says:

    I am in Okinawa Japan. I am willing to give it some ‘vaca’ time here. 😉

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