you’ve got mail

May 20, 2013

or perhaps more accurately,
tomorrow morning,
the u.s. postal service,
whom i adore,
will do its thing
and send the clockwork
back out on the open road.
photoor, i guess, into the big blue sky.


you know what i mean.

after more than two years,
and i’m a long way from achieving my goal.
but i’ve got a good feeling about this leg of the journey.
here’s hoping we see a lot of the clockwork over the summer!

if you want to help,
and haven’t been added to the list,
just go ahead and leave a comment.

thanks, bitches!

6 Responses to “you’ve got mail”

  1. Pam Gibson Says:

    I’ll help.

  2. Allison Says:

    If you need someone in Alaska, I’m your gal!

  3. ali Says:

    if you need someone in Sierra Madre, Calif… send it on over.

  4. Bobbie in AK Says:

    I am excited!

  5. Kathy Says:

    Ironically, I’ve moved from one of the states you need (Ca) and now can’t visit another one you need (OR) as often. And have, instead, moved to a state you don’t need (HI). Sigh… That’s how my day has been going… useless and unable to do anything good for anyone, myself included

  6. knitsicle Says:

    I can show clockwork a good time in Alberta!

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