tina killed my chicken

July 12, 2012

it has come to my attention,
that the chicken tina named in my honor,
has gone missing in the woods.
i believe she decided that living with her comrades was boring,
and ran off with a lady-coyote with whom it had fallen madly in love.
the only question is, where will they make their home?

(tina thinks the coyote killed her, but that just seems silly to me. right?)

but let this be a lesson to all of you;
never let your daughters out the coop!
ambrosia, wherever you are now,
i dedicate this song, to you:

you’ll be missed, ambrosia.

steven jr. is alive and well.
nice and cool after his first shearing.
i might even get the fleece!
alpaca allergy be damned.

10 Responses to “tina killed my chicken”

  1. Debbie in Pittsburgh Says:

    RIP Ambrosia. 😦

    Meaning… Rest in Peace in your love shack with your Wolf. *sniff*

  2. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Hail, Ambrosia.

    Fleece is on its way, should be there tomorrow! Can’t wait to see pictures of what you do with it.

  3. Anonymous, too Says:

    Ambrosia, we hardly knew you.

    Steven, Jr., is growing into a very handsome young man. (Good thing he’s got his own guard dog/chaperone there!) And I think he’s starting to take after his “dad”. Isn’t that a hint of a mohawk on his head?

  4. misa Says:

    Steven Jr. has a nice butt.

  5. Austin Val Says:

    Coyotes do awful things like kill chickens.

  6. Jen Says:

    Aww, RIP Ambrosia. But yay Pet Shop Boys!

  7. rodittis Says:

    “where will they make their home?”
    That is the question, isn’t it? Even though it’s 2012 there’s still not enough support for poultry-canine marriage. Let’s hope that changes too.

  8. lish009 Says:

    I was just saying last week (while we were inundated by the baccanalia known as the Calgary Stampede(www.CalgaryStampede.com)) & more country music than is heard anywhere else for 10 straight days… I much prefer the Pet Shop Boys version to the Willie Nelson version, and there you posted it!
    FYI urban legend has it that many unlikely pairings occur after closing such as the normally well-mannered running off with that rakish cowboy – perhaps Ambrosia just wanted some Stampede “fun”? What happens during Stampede – stays there!
    Good thing Steven Jr. has a bodyguard.

  9. […] and just when i feel pretty darn smug about clearing out 70% of my spinning stash, this arrivesthis box contains one alpaca fleece. […]

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