June 9, 2012

i have a f.o. to show you,
and another one is soon to follow.
tonight, however, none of that matters.
all that matters is this yarn.
this is this month’s sock club. the color is called ‘wavelength’

i shy away from this level of variegation,
(though part of why i enjoy being in sock club
is challenging myself to experience color differently)
but i think that’s because i never look at a skein like this:
why do i never open the skeins to look at them?
it changes everything!

looking at the skein thusly
it was if it spoke to me:
“you must knit socks”

i never want to knit socks. ever.
i find them to be fiddly and tedious
and if i’m going to knit that many stitches,
i want a sweater out of it.

every now and then
i do get the urge to knit socks
but i’m easily able to fight it off
because i can never find a pattern i like.
most of the time, i think sock patterns are really tacky.
sorry sock knitters. it’s just how i feel.

so there really was no harm in winding the skein.
in fact,
i found it less tempting as a cake.
i knew that i needed to make something with this
but luckily, in wound form, it couldn’t tempt me to make socks.

little did i know,
this skein is a clever little fucker.
it combined forces with this pattern
and the only thing i could think was
i must.

a few episodes of deadliest catch and boom!
a sock is born.

nothing else seems to matter.
i must make these socks.
i’m obsessed.

is this how you sock knitters feel all the time?

7 Responses to “compelled”

  1. It must be. I’ve got a lovely ball of varigated blue yarn (Don’t remember the brand/colour, and I’ve long since misplaced the ball band…) that’s been sneaking it’s way into my bookbag/messenger back and smacking me around til I knit on the second sock I’m making with it.

  2. Susie Says:

    Welcome to the dark side. Can’t wait to see them all done!

  3. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    I tripped over that same pattern earlier this week and yup, it’s a hard one to resist. Luckily I’m in a so-many-shawls-so-little-time phase so the only sock I have going is a plain ol’ one I carry in my purse for public downtime. Can’t wait to see this pair finished – the yarn is gorgeous!

  4. misa Says:

    I never cease to be amazed by how different variegated yarn can look in a hank versus in a cake and knit up. The lack of control, oh gadzooks. I do really like hard cider though, just sayin.

  5. Astrid Says:

    The socks are swell, but next time you get a skein dyed that way, check out this:

  6. Heather in WV Says:

    Yes, yes it is! I always have vanilla socks in the car for emergency knitting and one in my purse (who am I kidding? tote bag) for the same reason.

  7. Bonnie Says:

    Yes, that’s how we feel all the time. I love to knit socks, and I was thrilled when this colorway arrived in the mail from the sock club. Gorgeous!

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