May 28, 2012

almost three years ago,
when i was but a novice knitter,
i cast on my very first lace project.

inexperience kept me from finishing;
i didn’t have the fortitude for the epic rounds.
i didn’t have the knowledge to correct mistakes in complicated lace,
nor did i have the skill to catch mistakes before they needed fixing.
basically, i just didn’t know enough about lace
to tackle this level of project.

my yarn choice should be evidence enough of my ignorance.

i feel it’s time to wrap this bitch up.
i can no longer allow this project to go unknit.
and i finally, finally am on the lace edging!of course, this edging is completely counterintuitive,
by which i mean,
it goes against all my previous lace edging experience.
ignoring the fact that the pattern tells you you’ll need to fudge the end,
a fact i find beyond infuriating
the fucking thing goes backwards!

every single lace edging i’ve ever knit moves counterclockwise;
this means you knit your row with the last stitch of the edging knit together with a stitch from the shawl. in this edging, you move clockwise which requires you to slip a stitch from the shawl from the right hand needle to the left, then you knit it together with the first stitch of the edging, and then complete that row of the edging.

this is perhaps a confusing unhelpful explanation,
and i don’t have the inclination to make a video.
suffice it to say it’s a stupid way to attach a lace edging;
it just. doesn’t. flow.

which is probably why i’m eyeing these bad boys.where the fuck’s my nøstepinde?!

p.s. stay tuned for a weaving f.o.

5 Responses to “finally!”

  1. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    The tea shawl is going to be gorgeous, but can’t wait to see what the delicious silk is going to be! I’m launching my own test of fortitude, starting the Evenstar shawl. Update to follow in a year or two.

  2. Anonymous, too Says:

    Patience, young Jedi, have patience and you will be able to finish the shawl before you decide to torch it. (If you decide to torch it first, remember to remove the needles before applying the lighter fluid.)

    Love the color of the silk yarn, and can’t wait to see what that becomes.

  3. Julie Says:

    Wow! Gorgeous!

  4. cauchy09 Says:

    oh, lace is a bitch. i’m sure you’ll end up loving the result though. i wish you great fortitude to the end!

  5. misa Says:

    Sounds like hell. I am a lacetard and I bow to maturity and powers as a lace knitter.

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