have i mentioned

January 10, 2012

how much i love getting packages?
because i really, really do.

back around my birthday,
when i was in new york turning twenty seven,
a package was sent to my old pittsburgh address.
(this happens when someone moves as often as i do)
it was from blue moon fiber arts.

generally speaking, i know when a package is coming from blue moon
because, generally speaking, i’ve placed an order with them.
not so in this case.

(i think i remember getting a little aroused)

luckily, veronica still lives at the old abode.
i knew it was going to be a while before it was sent on to me,
since, with all the holidays, veronica wasn’t there to forward it.

yesterday, it finally arrived on my stoop. i may have squeed.
(note: can you imagine being me, knowing you have a package, and then having to wait for three whole weeks to get it? brutal)

then i thought of the blog, as i often do.
i thought, this is totally blog worthy; it must be blogged.
(i have so little material these days)
but it was dark out when i got home
and therefore i couldn’t take a good photo.

so i waited.

yes people, i waited until the sun came up so i could properly document the moment and share it with you all.
i believe this shows some growth on my part.

so when the sun shone through my windows,
i went to work.
a skein of twisted in ‘grawk’
and a skein of mopsy in ‘pining for ewe’

(i need to ask frankie for a refresher on how to shoot true colors)

regardless, these colors are perfect.
you can never go wrong giving me a green,
but this deep purpley blue has this acid yellow on the back
that just. kills me.

the crazy thing is i’ve been planning my rhinebeck sweater
(yes i know rhinebeck is in october, but i will not fail this year)
and i wanted to try knitting some mopsy for it.
it seems like it might be meant to be.

but i kinda don’t want to knit this yarn.
it might go into the precious ‘keep forever’ section of the stash.
we shall see.

the card is unsigned,
but the sender has the handwriting of a serial killer.
that can only mean it came from one person.

thanks santina!

edit: i just looked up the description for grawk – raspberries in pond scum drowned in black. loud and just a wee bit obnoxious. attention is what he craves and he will get it. from the primordial ooze, he has risen to wreak a bit of havoc. trickster? definitely! hmmm

8 Responses to “have i mentioned”

  1. depravedDyer Says:

    I do not have the hand writing of a serial killer!
    oh wait… never mind.

    Every time I walked by that yarn it whispered send me to Steven, we belong to him… and on and on. I do what yarn tells me to do. I am nothing but it’s humble servant.

    Glad you like. ❤

  2. depravedDyer Says:

    Also, I obviously need your new address.

  3. Carmel Says:

    I’m knitting with Twisted in the colorway Firecrakcer I’m smitten…of course my colorway is the complete opposite end of the spectrum from this gorgeous hank! Tina You’re to sweet!!

  4. Audry Says:

    Not only is the yarn pretty, the packaging is gorgeous. What a fun surprise. (And once again, I’m jealous.)

  5. Anonymous, too Says:

    Grawk is also a good description of the noise made by the ravens at the Tower of London — somewhere between the sound of someone retching and the sound made by running a coarse rasp along the end of a piece of Plexiglas-type acrylic. Not pretty at all, but somehow very compelling. Very nice that the yarn is much more attractive than the sound. . .

    . . .and a very nice surprise gift to receive! Can hardly wait to see Mo modeling the FO’s made from these!

  6. Bonnie Says:

    I would not have had your patience. I would have ripped that baby open as soon as it arrived. I’m impressed!

  7. misa Says:

    I think I’m starting my Rhinebeck sweater asap too. I think it will be raspberries in pond scum drowned in black. I mentioned you in my post today. xo

  8. […] while when tina sent me yarn for my birthday/christmas i was initially overjoyed by it’s timeliness and my unexpected adoration for the grawk color […]

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