bathtub blogging

November 29, 2011

today has been
a day.

the end of which is me being soaked by a car
splashing me as i walked home from the bus.

i am now doing something i never do; i’m taking a bath.

there are candles.
(i’m told they help)
there is traditional japenese music on my iphone.
(i like the shamisen)
i’m all crammed into the tub
trying to fit my five foot eleven and a half self
into a much smaller space,

and blogging.

20111129-171400.jpgi’m not normal.

7 Responses to “bathtub blogging”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Wine helps, too!

  2. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    I just knew there would be a tootsie shot. Don’t drop your phone/tablet/laptop and enjoy the bubbles!

  3. Lynae Says:

    But what fun is normal? Love ya!

  4. meg Says:

    Sometimes a good soak is the only way to feel warm/clean again! Hope your week gets better from here on out!

  5. paramolta Says:

    First, I hope you have an enjoyable relaxing soak after being doused by the car. I have been there and it is just crappy.
    Second, normal is over rated.

  6. Kris Says:

    When you get out of the tub , put on your jammies and curl up with your knitting and a good book, would be nice if you could get your towel fresh from the dyer or from in front of the oven or heat duct. (m.y ‘Office” has no heat.)A little nip in your coffee would settle too!

  7. misa Says:

    Ok Mr. Nudge, shawl pictures have been posted. Hope you’re feeling cozy and warm now.

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