the metaphor that best describes my life these days
would be something like surfing.
each week is a new wave
and somehow,
i’m on top of this one.

which has allowed me to knit a little on my sock.
those of you who’ve been with me a while
might even recognize the yarn.



*sigh* it’s like i’m working with chimps.
it’s the silkie socks that rock that i dyed
a year and half ago at the knot hysteria silk retreat

i remember (though it may be a hallucination)
that i was going for long color runs.
and lookwide stripes. exactly as i planned. i think.

i can’t wait to take a shot in the daylight,
one that shows off the subtle genius of the dyer.

but i have a question:
how much further do you think i should knit
before i begin decreasing?
it’s been forever since
i knit a sock.


p.s. it’s so good to write a post about knitting again.