rhinebeck pregame

October 14, 2011

andrea, one of the world’s best yarn reps,
and i, your humble blogger,
have arrived at our motel
in newburgh, new york.
(i’m in love with this incandescent motel lighting!)

there’s a little time left
before we’ll start foraging for food.
so i thought i’d just do a little rhinebeck pre-game.

1. i’ve made significant progress on my rhinebeck vest,but i realize, now, finishing it by tomorrow is impossible. i’m not even sure i spun enough yarn for it. in any case, it’s still my rhinebeck vest, and i’ll be working on it as much as possible this weekend. anyone who wants to knit a courtesy row or two for me tomorrow need only ask. (i don’t have a cable needle, though)

2. like last year, i’m a square for rhinebeck bingo,
and as part of the fun, i thought i’d give away my dustland hat.the first person who a) has me on their bingo card b) stops me to check me off of their bingo card and c) asks for the hat will get it.

3. i have a couple photo projects i’d like to undertake. the first will be “the beards of rhinebeck” since it was so much fun in maryland. the second is “nips with steven”. that project will be photos of my friends and readers who take a nip from my whisky bottle that i plan to smuggle in. are you brave enough to take nip at rhinebeck?

4. is anyone else going to stand in line to get a signed copy of the yarn harlot’s new book? is it worth the hassle of dealing with a frenzy of crazy-ass knitters? i’m on the fence.

5. i plan to go to saturday’s ravelry meetup. is everyone else going? is it too dorky? and if so, do we care?

i think that’s all. coming to rhinebeck is a kind of pilgrimage for me, and, even though this is going to put me way behind for my next week of school work and grading and i might find myself crying by wednesday, it’s totally worth it.


11 Responses to “rhinebeck pregame”

  1. Jenn Says:

    I would totally do a courtesy row for you. 🙂 Cable needle? Who needs it?

  2. Cinnamon Says:

    I’m jealous. I wish I was there. It will totally be worth the tears on Wednesday. And none of your pre-game ideas are dorky, or if they are (I can’t tell being a dork myself), I’m thinking you don’t care. 🙂 Have a good time. Can’t wait to see the beards.

  3. I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it. I’m definitely going to the Rav meetup as I missed it last year. FallingStitches is coming down from Montreal, and she and her friend are coming out to dinner with my BF and I… not sure if you are familiar with her or not. We’re all staying in Poughkeepsie.

    I REALLY want to see the YarnHarlot, but I am SO shy. I am really surprised that I had the alls to say hello to you last year.

    Also, I’ll take a nip of yours, if you take a nip of mine 😉

  4. Hope Says:

    Excited to see the picture projects. I’d nip with you! Would love to travel to some knitterly destination one day but will likely have trouble convincing my hubby. Have fun for me! I’d totally meet the Yarn Harlot if I was able!

  5. kris Says:

    If you are there early enough,who cares about the lines.I so want to see The Yarn Harlot, have to wait till she closer to Wisconsin.

  6. Lizz Says:

    1. Rhinebeck bingo!? Why have I not heard of this? As a native New Yorker, I know this area is famous-ish for Cow Plop Bingo…is it similar? I hope not.

    2. I will totally take a nip with you.

    2b. A flask is genius…why didn’t I think of that?

    3. I wish I’d dragged my boyfriend along; he has a pretty stellar beard.

  7. lisabee Says:

    i’m so sad i’m not there too! have an awesome weekend. i’ll be in lansing the first weekend in november and would love to see you!

  8. Adrienne Says:

    Will you be there on Sunday?

  9. Totally worth it. Wish I was there- didn’t save any vacation days this year- there’s always next year. You guys have fun!

  10. Sheila Says:

    Is a trip to Rhinebeck worth it? Does the question even need to be asked? Just ask yourself how you would feel next week if you had decided to stay home. So enjoy! This is my first year I have not gone, having moved to Ohio just a month ago. I am sad I am not there. I went to something out here called The Wool Gathering While it was a great time ( my first time watching a duck herding sheep dog) and my official Rhinebeck substitute, Rhinebeck it is not. Oh well, maybe next year. Have a great time and I look forward to your photos.

  11. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Can’t wait to see all the pics – wish I had been there, if only for the Bingo! 🙂 Hope you had a great time!!

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