a new direction

October 8, 2011

when i decided to go fro my phd,
i understood my knitting time would be severely reduced.
however, i don’t think i realized what “reduced” really meant.
i’ve considered that it might be prudent to give up the blog,
since the frequency of my f.o.’s will be greatly reduced.
but that kinda feels like quitting.
i wasn’t sure.

just when i thought this was the end of bitchesgetstitches,
i received a comment on my baltic blossoms shawl:

“This project was the reason I decided on this pattern for my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding present – Thank you!

(She doesn’t know that, but I think she might thank you too if she did)”

and what a beautiful shawl she made!

this was exactly what i needed.
i write this blog because people read it,
because, for some reason, my knitting speaks to other knitters.
and while, in the scheme of things, that might not be a big deal,
it makes me happy.

i want the blog to continue.
and if i want it to remain relevant and interesting,
i’m gonna need to get creative.

for now, i want to thank alyssa
for reminding me of my priorities!