a new direction

October 8, 2011

when i decided to go fro my phd,
i understood my knitting time would be severely reduced.
however, i don’t think i realized what “reduced” really meant.
i’ve considered that it might be prudent to give up the blog,
since the frequency of my f.o.’s will be greatly reduced.
but that kinda feels like quitting.
i wasn’t sure.

just when i thought this was the end of bitchesgetstitches,
i received a comment on my baltic blossoms shawl:

“This project was the reason I decided on this pattern for my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding present – Thank you!

(She doesn’t know that, but I think she might thank you too if she did)”

and what a beautiful shawl she made!

this was exactly what i needed.
i write this blog because people read it,
because, for some reason, my knitting speaks to other knitters.
and while, in the scheme of things, that might not be a big deal,
it makes me happy.

i want the blog to continue.
and if i want it to remain relevant and interesting,
i’m gonna need to get creative.

for now, i want to thank alyssa
for reminding me of my priorities!

15 Responses to “a new direction”

  1. Thank you for continuing blogging. You make me smile. You make me laugh. And sometimes, you even make me cry. All of these are good things, even the crying.

    Hope to see you at Rhinebeck. I’ll be the bitch wearing the hand knitted sweater. bbwwaahh!

  2. Trisha R Says:

    We will wait for you – ’cause all good things are worth it!

  3. Audry Says:

    I just enjoy reading what you deem worthy to blog about. Knitting related or not.

  4. Tahara Says:

    Glad you are deciding to continue blogging…

  5. linda cannon Says:

    I love following you and the blog.. if you can only post once in a while so be it. I am more concerned about what you are doing in general. How you are coping and carrying on. I love your knitting spinning etc. But it is really you I want to hear. Hugs and kisses

  6. If you never posted about knitting again, people would still be reading, because you’re smart and funny and fucking adorable.

    But please keep knitting anyway. I am casting on my first shawl this weekend because of you, and if it goes badly you will be hearing about it.

  7. Iz Says:

    I would’ve been way pissed if you stopped blogging. I’m selfish that way–forget your happiness and busy schedule, I WANT TO LAUGH AND SEE PICTURES OF MO AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL KNITTING.

    In all seriousness, I had the same issue when I decided to go for my dream and put my fashion design cert. to good use. It shifted from a knitting blog to a life blog because I wasn’t really knitting all that much. For me it was better than quitting all together. People read my blog. It inspires some (why, how, i do not know) and intrigues some. If I quit, I feel like I’m letting some people down. Your blogs is one of the few that legit makes me laugh. If you ever decide to stop, at least give me a warning, please? K thanks.

  8. Camilla Says:

    Shit, I’ll still read even if you abandon knitting entirely.

  9. daune Says:

    Don’t worry so much……we will love you and Mo no matter what you write about or how often. I can’t explain how excited I was to see that you had posted. just post when you can and with whatever you can and good luck on that PhD. We are all pulling for you.

  10. misa Says:

    I second Holly, people read you because your writing is funny and real, the knitting is a bonus. xo

  11. Jan at Cat Crap Hill Says:

    You can’t quit blogging because soon, Sally of Rivendale Farms will take photos of Steven Ambrose, Jr. frolicking in the snow and lord know, you’ll need to blog about that!

  12. Lizz Says:

    I’m so glad you decided to continue! Like everyone else said, I read for a variety of reasons, not just the knitting. I read because your writing makes me laugh, because your dog is adorable, because I’m beginning (again) my process of applying to PhD programs, although this time for CompLit, rather than vanilla English and I like the little bits of insight I gather from someone already involved in a similar program, and yes, because of the knitting. Pictures of your projects keep me motivated to continue building my own knitting skills, because there are some things that crochet just can’t do. I’m still much better at the latter though, so hopefully I’ll see you at Rhinebeck too, and I’ll be the one wearing all the crochet 😀

  13. I love to read your blog, just keep going with it and blog when you have time, i have had my blog since 2006 and many times i have felt maybe i should delete it, but i always come back to the same reasoning and that is, i blog for myself and it is a record of what i have made and spend loads of my free time on. So don’t worry about it to much and you don’t just have to post when you have a finish either, post about all aspects of your project.

    Have a good day!

  14. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Holly above put it perfectly. Yes, your knitting inspires me and your writing makes me laugh and think, so I would miss you horribly if you quit. We’re a patient bunch, post whatever you want whenever you can and I’m definitely along for the ride.

    (And yes, I’ll send some new pictures of li’l Steven Ambrose since he is also pretty freakin’ adorable. Besides, your mom needs to see how her grandpaca is growing.)

  15. Linda Says:

    Thank you for continuing to blog. I just found you a few months ago and you are a favorite. I love your attitude, sense of humor, love of people …. I would miss you and mo. I would wait until you were ready to write… Keep up the great work

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